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Infrared Sauna Sunacore

3 Types Of Saunas To Invest in this Cyber Monday

Crisp fall air has finally made its way to 2020, bringing with it the excitement of Cyber Monday! You can enjoy the changing seasons from the comfort of your home sauna by grabbing a discount on some of our top picks.
If you’re still wondering which sauna would suit your needs and space, here are some types to help you get started:

1. EMF Infrared Sauna

Infrared Sauna Sunacore

Who doesn’t love relaxing in the sauna on cool fall evenings? As much fun as it is to unwind, sitting in a sauna for too long increases your chances of exposure to greater EMF.

This is especially the case with saunas that have a greater electrical current. High EMF waves tend to damage or disrupt the natural processes of cell production.use infrared technology to heat the sauna and the surface of your skin while producing low to zero EMF emissions.

This allows your body to continue functioning exactly as it should, while still providing a relaxing, therapeutic session. 

We’ve got some of the most affordable and premium-quality low EMF models that are perfect for use by one person or even groups of five! You can save up to 40% on your purchase if you grab some of our Cyber Monday deals.

2. Barrel Sauna

barrel sauna

If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind, functional-yet-stylish addition to your backyard, a barrel sauna is the one for you!  As the name suggests, a barrel sauna is shaped like a barrel. Designed for both wet and dry settings, this sauna is a convenient and user-friendly choice for anyone looking to get started.

Setting up and transporting this sauna is a breeze, making it easy to plan a family or friend sauna day to enjoy the numerous benefits of heat therapy in the comfort and convenience of your home. 

We’ve got a wide range of Aleko barrel saunas that provide optimal usable space while minimizing excessive cubic feet! You can save up to $670 on these state-of-the-art models during our Cyber Monday sale—an affordable investment you can’t miss out on!  

Outdoor Sauna

outdoor sauna

Add to the relaxing aura of your backyard with a beautiful outdoor sauna. Having been around for thousands of years, these traditional saunas are a top pick for many homeowners even today!

Outdoor saunas don’t encroach on valuable indoor space, double as a pool house, and provide a peaceful escape among nature. With this outdoor sauna, you can relax while enjoying the picturesque view all around you.

These saunas are an excellent home improvement investment because they beautify your home’s landscaping and enhance the outdoor space. We’ve got a variety of styles, colors, and types to choose from to best suit the needs of your outdoor space.

If you’re looking for any of the personal infrared saunas and traditional saunas listed above, browse USA Health and Wellness find great deals on our wide range of premium-quality infrared saunas!

Enjoy free shipping, an unbeatable return policy, financing options, and some of the lowest prices out there—that’s our guarantee!

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