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4 Best Percussion Massage Guns 2020 

Hypervolt vs Theragun vs FujiGnn vs Titan Massage Gun


FujiGun Percussive Massage Gun. The 4 best percussive massage guns reviewed


After a long day of work, an intense workout or on a relaxing day off, there is nothing better than getting a massage. Going to the massage therapist every day, does not only get very pricey, but it also takes up a lot of time. 

Investing in a high quality percussion massage gun is a great alternative to spending time and money at the massage therapist. With so many options of percussion massagers out there, ranging from $100 on the low end of the spectrum all the way up to $1,000, you may be asking your self, which percussion massage gun is the best?

We asked ourselves the same thing! That is why we looked far and wide and narrowed our findings down to the the 4 best percussion massage guns down to the Hypervolt Hyperice, Hyperice Plus, FujiGun, and Titan Massage Gun. 

Health Benefits: 

You  may have seen Professional Athletes of all sports using a deep tissue percussion massage gun, I have even seen race horses using them before major races! Lets go over the top 10 health benefits that these Professional Athletes, and even horses are receiving by using a deep tissue percussion massager- 

  • •Increased range of motion
  • •Increase in athletic performance 
  • •Enhanced mental clarity
  • •Increased blood circulation
  • •Decrease in back / muscular pain 
  • •Better nights sleep (my favorite!) 
  • •Decreases stress and anxiety 
  • •Speeds up muscle recovery after an intense workout 
  • •Boosts your immune system 
  • •Increases energy level 


      What to look for when shopping for a percussion massage gun:


      You may have seen that there are a number of functions that a percussion massage gun has to offer such as:


      • •Deep Tissue: You are going to want a percussion massage gun that you know will be deep tissue enough. The last thing you want to do is purchase one that is not going to get the job done. The best way to measure how strong the percussion massager is, is to look at the volts, and the amount of speeds that the massage gun has. Less than 12 Volts will not get the job done. 24 Volts and higher will be plenty deep tissue. 


      • Speeds: This is very important. You want a percussive massage gun with a vast variety of different speeds. Some guns only have 3, some have 1, we recommend that you get one with 20, especially if more than one person will be receiving percussion massage therapy from the percussion massager. Some people will enjoy a lighter tissue percussion massage and some will prefer to a deeper tissue massage. With 20 different levels of speed, everybody gets the bests of both worlds! 


      • Different Attachments- You want to make sure that your percussion massage gun comes with a variety of attachments. If not, you might get bored with the same thing. Different attachments also provide a different type of massage, and different intensity massage. You might find that you have a favorite attachment. My favorite is the flat head attachment, and my significant others is the ball shaped attachment. 


      • •Different Battery Sizes- Keep an eye on the battery size before you buy your percussion massage gun. Not a lot of manufacturers like to list their battery sizes, and I see some that are very cheap, and when we did some digging, we found out that the battery for the percussion massaging tool was a very low voltage on a lot of the inexpensive options. Some percussion massage guns will have less than 12, 12, 16, 24, and now we are seeing 26 Volts. The higher the Volts the deeper tissue the percussion massage will be is the general rule of thumb. Sometimes, depending on how powerful the massage gun is, the higher the volts may result in a longer battery life. 


      • Different Types of Displays- On the older styled percussion massage guns the display will typically have a button to adjust the power setting and lights that indicate what level you are on as well as lights that indicate what level the battery is at. Newer styled percussion massage guns will have an LCD Display and digitally show you what the battery life is and will also show you the level of the speed that you are using. Typically if your massage gun has the LCD Display, it will also have more levels or speeds for you to adjust the massage. 


      • •Warranty- This is an important one. Sometimes I will receive ads from companies advertising percussion massage guns, and the price is very low so I click on it. I then find out that this cheap option comes with no warranty! Most manufacturers that make a quality product will stand by their massage gun for at least 1 year. 


      • Battery Life- Make sure to check the battery life, especially if you are a professional that will be using this in your office on your patients. Some models last a couple hours and some last up to 10 hours. 


      • •How Long It Takes To Charge- I prefer to find a percussion massage gun that charges within 1-2 hours. I have found that when you leave them plugged in say overnight, it will rapidly wear out the battery over time, so I stay away from the ones that take 4-8 hours to charge. 


      • •Different Patents-  Some manufacturers have patents on their percussion massagers. Some patents are probably worth it, some of them just drive the cost of the product up. 


      • The amount of noise that the percussion massager makes- Some of the inexpensive percussion massage guns will be noisy. The 4 that we review are more on the quiet side of the spectrum. 


      • and Cost- Me personally, I am all about value. When I make a purchase of any product, I do my due diligence and ensure that I am not spending unnecessary money. Some companies spend excessive money on endorsements, patents, marketing, etc, so their item is priced much higher than some of their competitors that do not have as much over head. I have seen percussion massage guns get as expensive as $1,000, but I personally after studying and testing all of the different models that are out there, would suggest that you do not need to spend more than $200 for a good quality percussion massager. 


      Our Top 4 Picks- 

      Our 4 best percussion massage guns all come with a variety of attachments (at least 4), and at least a 1 warranty so we do not dive into that info. 

       #1 Hyperice Hypervolt and Hypervolt Plus 

      Hyperice manufacturers a  variety of wellness products and most of their products are used by best in class professional athletes such as Blake Griffin, Lebron James, Mark Sanchez, and many more athletes. Why we like Hypervolt


      • •Quiet
      • •Has 3 white lights to sensor how much pressure is being applied
      • •3 different intensity levels
      • •Has the ability to be deep tissues with its rapid movements of up to 3200 RPM 

      Cons: Price is $349 and $449 for the Hypervolt and Hypervolt plus percussive massage guns. There are other options out there that are not as pricey. 

      Below is a video with more in-depth information about the Hyperice Hyper volt by Dr. Todd Rodman





      Hypervolt recently came out with a new model as well, called the Hypervolt Plus. It looks the exact same, it is the same size, and basically has the same exact technology as the Hypervolt. The biggest difference is that the Hypervolt Plus is about 30% more powerful. Best Massage Tech goes into detail about what the biggest differences are, check it out below





      #2 Theragun G3 Pro


      Theragun is another percussion massage gun manufacturer that is a leader in the percussion massage industry The Theragun G3 Pro and the Hypervolt provides totally different experiences. The Hypervolt is more of a faster, lighter tissue percussion massage, and the Theragun is a slower, deeper tissue massage that really digs into the muscles. It is very therapeutic, digging in up to 16 MM and 60 pounds of force into your muscles! This is the industry leading pressure for a percussion massage gun. 


      Cons: Price is $599. This is he loudest of the 4 models that we review. There are only 2 speeds and the battery life is about 75 minutes. 


      Here is another educational video by Best Massage Tech 





       #3 Titan Massage Gun (Our #1 Best Bang for Your Buck Pick!)


      Titan Massage Gun™ Manufactures a high quality percussion massage gun, at a very affordable price. Our favorite function of the Titan Massage Gun is that it has 20 different speeds! You will never get bored with all of the different settings that it has to offer. The Titan Massage Gun compares to the Hypervolt Plus. When comparing, they both have their pros and cons, but the Titan Massage Gun has more pros. The Titan Massage Gun and the Hypervolt Plus both have a max speed of 3,200 RPM, 24V lithium ion battery that lasts for hours, and a sleek design. The biggest difference is that they Hypervolt has patented technology to make it slightly quieter, and the Titan Massage Gun has a sleeker, easier to use LCD Display. At half of the price of the Hypervolt Plus, the Titan Massage Gun is our #1 Best Bang for Your Buck! 

      Cons: Does not have patented technology to make it quieter. 

      Right now we are having a sale on the Titan Massage Gun. We are selling the Titan Massage Gun for only $147, this includes shipping and not taxes! Click Below to place your order! 



      #4 FujiGun 

      While FujiGun does come in at #4, that does not mean that this is not a good quality percussive massage gun. The FujiGun is actually a great value at only $97.


      The FujiGun is very similar to the Hypervolt. The biggest difference is that the Hypervolt has it's patented quiet technology, and pressure sensors, but for under $100 those are features that are easy to forget about. 


      The price right now is only $97 which includes shipping and there are no taxes. Click below to get yours today! 


      About the Author 

      Tyler Pelletier is the Editor of this blog. Tyler has been in the massage products industry for several years, working with 100's of Chiropractors and helping 1,000's of people find relief with massage therapy. 

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