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Sweating helps remove toxins from the woman’s body in a SaunaCoreInfraredSauna.

4 Myths about Mid-Infrared Saunas Busted

Infrared light is used in saunas to provide a more holistic experience and to enable deeper penetration of heat into the tissues and organs of your body. However, these invisible rays are surrounded by many myths, which tend to concern people.

So, here is some important information about infrared rays and myths that we’ve busted to help you reach a decision.

Types of infrared rays:

  1. Near infrared
  2. Mid infrared
  3. Far infrared

Myth #1: Mid Infrared Is Dangerous.

Fact: Infrared rays are safe for all living organisms. Infrared light is essentially heat—the same that your body gives off. The Sun’s power is also in the form of infrared light, although much of it is absorbed in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Myth #2: Ceramic Heaters Are Better Than Carbon Infrared Heaters.

Fact: Ceramic heaters used to be installed initially when saunas were created. However, now they are not a popular choice. They emit high temperatures in a small area, which doesn’t provide an even spread in the sauna. In addition to that, the high temperature can harm the skin’s surface. Ceramic heaters are also unsafe to touch because they can get extremely hot.

The infrared heaters like in SaunaCore and Health Mate saunas provide a more constant temperature in the sauna as they don’t increase the surrounding temperatures. This makes it more comfortable for people to enjoy sauna therapy.

Myth #3: Infrared Heaters Are Unsafe For Your Head.

Fact: Infrared heaters are used in the hospital to keep newborns warm. Similarly, they are installed in the saunas to keep you warm for a limited amount of time. They do not pose any risk to your head or brain.

Myth #4: Mid-Infrared Is Not Very Effective; It Only Helps In Spot Treatments.

Fact: Full-spectrum infrared saunas like SaunaCore allow the user to choose the wavelengths that they require. The infrared technology is backed by research and has benefited many people by relieving their pains, reducing stress, boosting their immune system, and helping with anti-aging.

Infrared saunas have provided many health benefits to people who regularly use them and people who suffer from chronic illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis. In addition to this, it improves blood circulation and improves the heart health of people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. Sauna therapy has also helped people who have dementia and Alzheimer’s.

A SaunaCoreInfraredSauna installed outside the house.

You can contact us to get SaunaCore infrared saunas installed at home with the help of certified sauna specialists. These saunas have various features and benefits so you can enjoy and benefit from regular sauna therapy. You can select from our top-tier sauna collection with infrared or heaters.


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