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a wooden sauna bench

All You Need to Know About Vital Health Saunas

While most people trust and turn to renowned companies to purchase products like an infrared sauna, Vital Health has successfully offered an exceptional experience to its customers despite being a relatively new company.

The sauna manufacturer continues to prioritize consumer experiences to improve its product quality. As a result, it’s one of the very few sauna companies offering a wide selection of full-spectrum and far-infrared saunas.

Vital Health Saunas has a lot to offer, including high-quality construction, superior customer service, and low EMF levels. Here’s what you should know about them.

Manufacturing Materials

The company creates infrared saunas with two specific wood choices, including red cedar and hemlock. It primarily invests in these materials as the ideal choices to create the perfect sauna. The Vital Health Elite series consists of red cedar saunas, while the Premier series has hemlock saunas.

Vital Health employs high safety standards in its manufacturing facilities and ensures the use of water-based glues, powerful heaters, organic carbon panels, and non-toxic wood materials. You can find infrared saunas for up to 5 persons with Vital Health.

people inside a wooden sauna

A Full-Body Heat Coverage

Many sauna companies tend to focus more on their product’s overall look and amenities than the therapeutic experience it provides. Vital Health engineers specialize in developing infrared saunas to ensure the perfect sauna therapy for all users.

These saunas have multiple heaters on all their walls to achieve a full-body penetration. You’ll find ten heating units in their 2-person sauna. Their infrastructure and interior are also unique, with flat benches for maximized heat exposure.

Furthermore, the Vital Health manufacturers employ the minimum use of glass in their saunas’ construction to prevent poor heat conduction. Instead, they focus on adding components like chromotherapy lights and sound systems in them.

Exceptional Customer Service

The Vital Health Saunas founder, Greg Baumgartner, began constructing saunas with the primary aim to improve the product quality and efficacy to provide consumers with maximized health benefits.

The company prioritizes consumer experience by adding a series of video tutorials to its website to help people learn about sauna safety, installation, and purchasing considerations.

a sauna interior

You can now find Vital Health Saunas at USA Health & Wellness. We’re a leading infrared sauna supplier in the United States, offering low-EMF saunas from leading brands in the industry. If you’re looking to purchase an infrared sauna online, visit our website to check out our wide range of sauna collections today!

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