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A 4-person sauna

Buying the Right Infrared Sauna, the First Time Around

Infrared saunas are slowly gaining recognition among health and wellness enthusiasts. They’re easy to install in your home and have numerous benefits, such as improving blood flow, regulating your hormones, boosting your mood, and helping you feel better overall.
You may have used traditional saunas in spas, but infrared is the best option when you want to bring a sauna home. They also give you more value for money because they employ infrared lamps, and you don’t have to use them for more than 20 minutes a day.
If you’ve never bought an infrared sauna before, you might be feeling a bit lost about what to keep an eye out for. We’ve prepared a helpful guide for you to get an infrared sauna that’s best suited to your needs.: 5-person infrared sauna

Not all saunas are the same.

There are all kinds of saunas, depending on the material used to manufacture them and the quality of the construction. High-end saunas stand out because they use premium quality materials and are generally more expensive as well. They also come with multiple features and accessories.
Opt for a sauna that’s made with eco-friendly wood and one that uses non-toxic glue. Check for the rate of EMF emissions so you can pick the one with the lowest emissions.

Take the sauna for a test drive

Make sure you use the sauna at least once so you can get a feel for it and decide if you like it or not. This will also give you a chance to look at the quality of the furniture closely.

Get the right sauna size for yourself

How many people are likely to use the sauna at the same time? Infrared saunas come in single person capacity or big enough to fit five people at a time. Think about whether you want to use the sauna alone or connect with your loved ones.

Do you always have people over and are you fond of throwing sauna parties? Are you comfortable using the sauna space with someone and being naked in front of them? You can get a small sauna but still enjoy enough room to stretch and move around freely.

At USA Health and Wellness, we believe that before jumping on any health and wellness trends, you should do your research. We’re committed to helping you find the perfect infrared sauna. You can browse through our infrared reviews and ratings to get the best deals possible. For more information about our diverse range of products, feel free to get in touch with us today.


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