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Everything You Should Know About TheraSauna Saunas

TheraSauna saunas are some of the most reliable and long-lasting saunas you’ll find in the market today. The American sauna company has created high-quality saunas for more than two decades, offering authentic, innovative, and durable products for all its global consumers.

If you’re looking for a sauna known for its unique design and technology, here’s everything you should know about TheraSauna saunas.

Product Categories

TheraSauna creates a wide range of saunas with two broad categories, including TheraSauna and TheraSauna classic.

The TheraSauna series consists of five sauna models for up to 4 persons. Its one to two-person infrared sauna unit has eight infrared heaters, while the two to three-person sauna comes with ten heaters. Its three-person corner unit and the four-person infrared sauna have 12 heaters with a straight bench unit.

There are two sauna models in the TheraSauna classic series, including a two-person infrared sauna unit and a three-person corner. Both sauna units have 8 and 12 infrared heaters, respectively.

Stable Heat Technology

All TheraSauna products have a unique heating feature called the Stable Heat System. This technology makes all TheraSauna saunas a one-of-a-kind product. It produces a consistent and even amount of infrared heat waves throughout the sauna session instead of turning the sauna off after reaching the optimal heat levels.

The Stable Heat System doesn’t let the sauna completely shut down as soon as it reaches the preset temperature. Its heaters continue to regulate a small amount of electricity to maintain the sauna’s surface temperature, ensuring an even and continual infrared output.

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Proprietary Ceramic TheraMitters

While most infrared saunas come with carbon heaters, the TheraSauna saunas have highly efficient proprietary ceramic TheraMitters. These heaters are 96% energy-efficient and are made with solid ceramic components. TheraSauna offers the highest efficiency levels in the sauna industry.

You can expect these saunas to produce infrared waves consistently within the 9.4-micron range despite operating them at numerous surface temperatures.

Additional Accessories

TheraSauna is a unique sauna company that prioritizes users’ comfort and luxury during sauna sessions. As a result, most of the company’s saunas come with portable accessories for the ultimate sauna therapy experience.

These add-ons include backrest benches, a footrest, an ionizer fan, and a chromotherapy light with remote control. You may also find an accessory kit with your TheraSauna sauna with a drink holder, magazine rack, and towel hook.

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