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a wooden sauna.

Healing with Heat: The Benefits of a Low-EMF Sauna

Finnish saunas are highly lauded today due to their potential health and psychological benefits. From muscle relief to managed insomnia and stress reduction, most people believe that frequent sauna baths can vastly improve quality of life.

However, since modern infrared saunas function through electronic panels, it could also have some adverse effects on a person’s health.

EMF refers to the electromagnetic force, which is a large component of a sauna. Saunas create a significant EMF by using substantial power to heat a small area. As a result, frequent sauna users are at the apex of hazardous EMF for an extended time. Increased exposure to high EMF spaces can lead to leukemia and other illnesses, including stress, fatigue, cancer, and infertility.

Homeowners should install infrared saunas that help them avoid undue exposure to EMF. Fortunately, many manufacturers today offer low-EMF saunas for sale.

Here are some fantastic benefits to choosing a sauna with low-EMF.

Boosted Metabolism & Weight Loss

The Journal of American Medical Association reports that frequent sauna baths with low exposure to EMF provides the benefits of a cardio workout with increased blood circulation and boosted metabolism.

Your body produces ample amounts of sweat when you relax in a gentle infrared sauna, helping burn calories and pump blood. Furthermore, your body experiences boosted blood circulation when it pressurizes the cardiovascular system to cool itself. This is particularly beneficial for people who can’t participate in intense workouts.

a woman walking out of a sauna.

Muscle Pain Relief

Incorporating infrared sauna baths as a part of your lifestyle has other benefits too. With the increase in blood flow to muscles, you may experience arthritic pain relief after sauna baths.

Warm body tissues from the sauna heat make your muscles flexible, helping them relax. Exposure to a low-EMF sauna’s adequate heat levels increases your muscle’s thermal energy and reduces muscular pain.

Improved Sleep Quality

 With regular sauna sessions, you enhance your body’s thermoregulation process. The sauna warms your body to let it cool down on its own later. Many experts recommend using an infrared sauna before bedtime. It plays an essential role in calming your body and mind, helping you get a restful sleep.

Adequate EMF exposure also promotes a good quality, restless sleep for extended hours.
a wooden sauna.

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