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21 Reasons Why You Need a Jacuzzi Clearlight Sauna in 2021

21 Reasons Why You Need a Jacuzzi Clearlight Sauna in 2021

Jacuzzi Clearlight Premier Sauna OutdoorsFounded and designed by a doctor...

Craftsmanship backed by 23 years of experience…

The only infrared saunas to cancel out both EMF and ELF…

These are just a few of the reasons to choose a Jacuzzi® Clearlight Infrared® Sauna! The manufacturer takes the quality and safety of its products very seriously. They offer saunas in a range of sizes and styles, each of which contains a robust feature set.

Clearlight is always innovating and improving upon their saunas, which are built to last many years. Keep reading to learn more about this industry leader’s background, product quality, and cutting-edge technology.

About Jacuzzi Clearlight Saunas 

Dr. Raleigh Duncan founded Clearlight Saunas 23 years ago. He has many years of experience as a Doctor of Chiropractic and has extensively researched infrared therapy. Dr. Duncan’s knowledge and expertise shine through in every model.

Dr. Duncan even designed, tested, and approved Clearlight’s proprietary True Wave™ far-infrared and full-spectrum infrared sauna heaters. Throughout the sauna maker’s history, thousands of customers have benefited from these powerful saunas.

Today, Jacuzzi saunas are used and endorsed by a number of doctors, experts, and professional athletes and organizations. This list includes: 

Clearlight Infrared Sauna InteriorQuality & Craftsmanship

Every Clearlight sauna is made with superior craftsmanship and a beautiful aesthetic that will suit any home. Jacuzzi uses only non-toxic materials and adheres to the highest manufacturing standards.

Wood & Safety Standards

Clearlight uses Grade A Eco Certified wood Western Red Canadian Cedar or North American Basswood. This means the manufacturer uses sustainable woods and innovative manufacturing processes in an effort to protect the environment.

According to Clearlight themselves, “Every product is 100% Eco Certified, from the original tree to your final sauna model.”

Each sauna also receives a furniture-quality finish. Every unit is hand-sanded and the wood panels are color matched. The cabins are both kiln-dried and air-dried to 7% moisture content; each panel is then pressed to prevent warping or cracking for life. Last but not least, Clearlight puts safety first by meeting or exceeding strict ETL safety standards.

Jacuzzi Clearlight Sanctuary SaunaSauna Features

With a Jacuzzi sauna, you’ll enjoy quality features that help boost your wellness, keep you and your family safe, and offer conveniences to top off every sauna session. These features include:

  • Tongue and Groove Cedar or Basswood inside and out.
  • Water-based, non-toxic glues so there is no outgassing of chemicals.
  • Tempered glass
  • Low EMF True Wave™ far infrared and full spectrum (near, mid, and far-infrared) heaters
  • Low ELF sauna cabins
  • ETL certifications
  • High-quality Bluetooth/MP3 audio system with Nakamichi stereo speakers
  • “Never Fail” dual keypad controls temperature and timing with a precise digital readout
  • Fully surrounding True Wave™ infrared heaters
  • Chromotherapy lighting
  • Energy-efficient technology: Average sauna session costs about 20 cents

It’s safe to say you’ll have no problem relaxing and enjoying full peace-of-mind in your Clearlight sauna! 


Easy Assembly

If you were concerned about the assembly of your Clearlight infrared sauna, don’t stress it! With the help of a friend, it should take you about an hour and a half to assemble your unit. All you’ll need is a screwdriver for the door handle and the included Allen wrench to connect the glass.

If for some reason you have any issues setting up your sauna, Clearlight’s stellar customer service is always there to help you.


Clearlight Infrared Sauna models are the only infrared sauna to cancel out both Electromagnetic fields (EMF) and Extremely low frequency (ELF) emissions. EMFs are energy waves with frequencies below 300 hertz or cycles per second. ELFs are electric fields with frequencies from 3 to 30 hertz.

These emissions can be detrimental to your immune system and overall health, so Clearlight has worked hard to offer the lowest and safest EMF and ELF levels of any infrared sauna on the market. 

When tested directly on the heater, the EMF levels in your Clearlight sauna will typically be below 1mg; they will be virtually 0mg when you actually sit in your sauna. The ELF levels are 3 to 5 times below the threshold of concern, while many other manufacturers’ saunas are over 20 times above the threshold of concern.

No matter where you shop, be sure to ask if a brand’s infrared saunas are both low EMF and ELF.

Jacuzzi Clearlight Full Spectrum Infrared SaunasFar-infrared & Full-spectrum Infrared Saunas

Clearlight has always focused primarily on the therapeutic benefits of the infrared heat delivered by their saunas. This is why they developed the True Wave Far Infrared Heater, the only combined carbon/ceramic far infrared heater in the industry.

The carbon enables the heater to produce long wave far infrared heat, which penetrates the body more deeply. The ceramic produces a very high infrared output (compared to traditional carbon heaters), so it concentrates heat directly on your body. True Wave Far Infrared Heaters are included in all Clearlight sauna models.

Learn more about the benefits of far-infrared heat.

The sauna innovators then developed the True Wave Full Spectrum Infrared Heaters for its Clearlight Sanctuary Sauna™ models. These high-output infrared heaters produce near-, mid-, and far-infrared.

These advanced sauna heaters maximize the benefits you receive from your Jacuzzi sauna, as they deliver more heat faster. 

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Jacuzzi builds its products to last: The True Wave infrared emitters have an estimated operational life of 30,000 hours. When used 5 times per week, the heaters can last up to 125 years! After production, each sauna is also set up, tested, and run for several hours to ensure everything is in full working order.

Despite all that, Clearlight covers every sauna model with a limited lifetime residential warranty on ALL components. This means: 

  • Heaters
  • Controls
  • Electrical
  • Wood
  • Built-in audio system

You will never have to worry in the rare case that something goes wrong with your Jacuzzi infrared sauna!


How Much is a Clearlight Sauna? 

Clearlight / Jacuzzi Sauna's start at $4,599 and go all the way up to $9,000 for their big Outdoor 5 unit. 


Where is Clearlight Made?

Clearlight is made in China. 

Who is the Owner of Clearlight? 

Dr. Raleigh Duncan is the Founder of Clearlight. We also worked with a fellow by the name of Andy Kapps when we were Dealers for Clearlight though. 

Does Clearlight make full spectrum saunas?

The Premier models are far infrared, and the Sanctuary models are their full spectrum units. Yes they do make full spectrum saunas. 

Is Clearlight low EMF? 

Clearlights far infrared heaters are in fact low EMF. However, their full spectrum heaters are not as low as their far infrared carbon heaters. 

Which Clearlight Sauna is cheapest? 

The Clearlight Premier 1 is only $4,599, and their lowest price tagged infrared sauna cabin. 

Is Clearlight the best? 

Clearlight makes an outstanding sauna. We rank Clearlight in the top 5, but we do not rank them as the best, because we feel that due to all of the glass, it takes too long to heat up and get a good sweat in. 

Level Up Your Wellness with a Sauna

If you’re searching for an infrared sauna designed and backed by doctors with a proven track record, Clearlight is a great option. Your mind will always be at ease thanks to the manufacturer’s advanced technology and safety measures. Enjoy elevated wellness for life with a long-lasting Jacuzzi sauna.

As of September of 2020, USA Health and Wellness will no longer be offering Clearlight Saunas. Shop the Internets largest sauna collection today >> Shop Now




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