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Is the Health Mate Elevated Health Sauna Right for You?

Is the Health Mate Elevated Health Sauna Right for You?

Is The Health Mate Elevated Health Infrared Sauna Right For You?

If you've stumbled across this page, you're probably asking yourself the question above. By the end of this article, if you're able to stay with me the whole way, you will be able to answer that exact question. So now, let's find out. Is Health Mate's Elevated Health Infrared sauna the best option for you?

Features and Benefits of the Health Mate Elevated Health Sauna

Just a quick bulleted overview and then I will dive into some of these in more detail:
  • Grade A Eucalyptus (100% toxin free wood)
  • Tecoloy Heaters (deeper explanation later)
  • Reservation Mode
  • Low EMF
  • Ergonomic Bench (becoming pretty standard across the sauna industry now)
  • Lower Back Heater (unique thus far in the industry)
  • Mirrored Privacy Glass
  • Bluetooth Capabilities 
  • Patented Controller 
  • Full Spectrum (we'll dive into this deeper soon)

Health Mate Elevated Health USA Health and Wellness in stock           Health Mate Elevated Health USA Health and Wellness in stock

Health Mate Elevated Health Full Spectrum

There are ways some saunas are unique and other ways they are not. In regard to full spectrum, it is by far the most preferred feature in any sauna-shoppers buying process. Since almost every sauna brand offers at least one full spectrum model, we should at least understand what exactly full spectrum means. 
To be full spectrum, a sauna must have Near Infrared, Mid Infrared and Far Infrared. This is essentially the 'best of both (in this case three) worlds'. Since you're here to learn if the Elevated Health sauna from Health Mate is the right sauna from you, I'll save time by not going into each individual health benefit of each form of infrared. Rather, I'll tell you all three forms of infrared have different health benefits that are all very important.

Patented Tecoloy Heaters

Health Mate Elevated Health Tecoloy Full Spectrum Infrared Heater. Tecoloy heaters by Health Mate have the Highest watt density industry wide, 360 degree full circle heat, 100% non toxic and Low EMF output.








Tecoloy heaters by Health Mate offer Dual Wave technology which is unique to our market which deliver high density heat. In fact, after collection of third party studies, results found a 40% deeper penetrating heat than most carbon heaters on the market.

As this is all fine and dandy, there were two aspects of the Tecoloy heaters that I found to be the most influential. Let's talk about "emissivity". Emissivity refers to the ability of a material to absorb and release energy in the form of infrared heat. The higher the emissivity, the faster you sweat. You want to sweat in this thing right? Tecoloy heaters produce 99.5% emissivity which is drastically higher than a traditional carbon heater. If anything makes Health Mate's Elevated Health sauna different than the competition, this is it; the heaters. 

The second component is the 360 degree heat and infrared distribution. Take a look at the picture below of how Tecoloy distributes it's infrared waves:

tecoloy heaters by Health Mate have a 99.5% emissivity causing you to sweat faster and penetrate the body by 40% more than traditional carbon heaters. The Tecoloy Technology offers low EMF output while supplying you with Full Spectrum infrared therapy.

Ever heard the term "cold spots" in relation to saunas? This diagram shows the 360 degree heat distribution with Health Mate's Tecoloy heaters which means, good luck finding cold spots. I'm not going to lie, when I first heard about Tecoloy Technology I thought it was a scheme to differentiate themselves in the market. After hours of research and third party studies, i'm convinced the technology is credible. Whether that's a selling point for you is another question.

Health Mate History

At this point, you may still be asking yourself if the Health Mate Elevated Health sauna is the best option for you. Besides, all I did was spit a few features and explanations at you and you thought I was going to send you on your way. USA Health and Wellness is a dealer for several sauna brands; including, Health Mate, TheraSauna, Vital Health, and more, so our approach is done with an unbiased opinion. No sauna is one size fits all, and just because one sauna is right for one person doesn't mean it's right for the next. All we try to do is learn a little bit about your situation, what your needs are, and help find the best option for you. One of those facts include that Health Mate has been manufacturing saunas for over 40 years. Since 1979 Health Mate has manufactured over 200,000 saunas. Would I buy a Health Mate Elevated Health Sauna over say another brand? Well, that depends on what my goals and needs are in a sauna. If you're someone looking for advanced technology, a high quality unit, and 40 years of credibility, I would recommend you the Health Mate Elevated Health. 

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