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Largest Sauna Selection in the Game!

Largest Sauna Selection in the Game!

Largest Sauna Selection in the Game—


Due to having the largest selection of sauna brands, USA Health and Wellness continues to be a leader in the sauna industry. Carrying only top brands like TheraSauna, Health Mate, Vital Health, Sun Rich, and more, USA Health and Wellness has positioned ourselves to bring you, the consumer, a diverse selection to pick from. An infrared sauna is not one size fits all, but it is an addition to your home and health that can be tailored to you. With so many to pick from, where do you even start?!


Our site is built with the consumer in mind. A toll free phone number (207.619.4291) to speak directly with a sauna specialist, and an instant chat service to answer questions if you’d prefer to type rather than speaking over the phone. You can find it in the bottom left hand corner of our website.


No matter if you’re looking for a deep detox, weight loss, a solution to joint pain, or anything in between, we can tailor your choice specifically to your needs. Not every infrared sauna does the same thing so it is important to communicate your needs to us, so we can best help you match the right sauna up for you. Every sauna has a different type of heater. TheraSauna for example offers ceramic heaters called Theramitters, Vital Health with their Vital Rays Gen IV heaters, and Health Mate has their Tecoloy heaters. How are they different? What makes them unique? Which is best for you? Let us help you!


Contact a sauna specialist today via chat on our site, or give us a call at 207.619.4291

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