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Top 11 Sauna Pricing List

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Pricing List and Buyers Guide of over a dozen sauna brands. Discount Pricing, and Sizzling Summer Blowout Sauna Sale on now!
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USA Health and Wellness is the leading infrared and traditional sauna distributor in the United States. We offer over a dozen different brands and 400+ sauna options to choose from. Due to our high volume and incredible partnerships, we're able to offer the lowest prices in the industry! Inquire here to get trusted recommendations, and our full discounted price list for this month only! Offers good while supplies last..

  • USA Made Saunas- Keep business here in the United States...
  • Carbon Fiber or Ceramic - We carry saunas with all heater types...
  • Infrared, Traditional, Barrel - You name it, we have it!
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USA Health and Wellness

From the Desk of: Garen Manzo

Co-Founder USA Health and Wellness

My name is Garen Manzo, Co-Founder at USA Health and Wellness. 

I'm writing this letter to you, in hopes you will learn a little bit about our business, and how we can help you make the best possible decision for your new sauna. We've been in business for 5 years, and have been invested in the sauna space for almost a decade. We are a distributor for 13 of the top manufacturers in the sauna industry, and we absolutely love that role. Instead of being handcuffed by one sauna brand, and having to push one product, we have the luxury of taking our time, learning about the customer, and making a thoughtful recommendation from our massive catalog. It's hard to believe someone has your best interest in mind when you can only push one sauna brand, yet saunas are not one size fits all. Think of us as your broker, trying to find you the best product for the best deal. 

Although these last couple of years have been difficult for supply chain, we have made the right steps to stock up on inventory and have the ability to deliver your new sauna in a timely manner! Supplies will go fast, so please reach out to us and we'll do everything we possibly can to point you into the perfect sauna for YOU!


G. Manzo


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