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Woman lying down in a sauna

Sauna or Steam Room: Which One Can Help You Shed Weight Faster?

Your weight loss journey can be tough and exhausting. However, by figuring out tools and practices that work for your body, you can quickly shed the extra pounds. Saunas and steam rooms are fantastic ways to release sweat and improve your heart rate. But while they’re both similar in many ways, they can have varying effects on your weight loss journey.

Here’s what makes them different and how you can use these tools to lose weight faster:

Infrared saunas vs. steam rooms

The main difference between infrared saunas and steam rooms is that the former uses dry heat to warm your body while the later uses wet heat from boiling water to induce warmth in the place. Infrared saunas are mostly made of wooden walls and benches while steam rooms are outfitted with tile floors and tile or glass walls. Infrared saunas operate between 115°F and 130°F as opposed to steam rooms that run at 110°F and 114°F.

Risks associated with steam rooms and saunas

Before we delve further into the discussion of weight loss, you must consult with your doctor before sweating it out in the infrared sauna or steam room. If you have any health conditions, are pregnant, or on medication, you should take extreme precautions. One factor that you should always keep in mind is hydration.

Since sweat will release a lot of fluids from your body, you should make sure to replenish those fluids to avoid dehydration. If you ever feel dizzy or lightheaded during your sauna or steam room sessions, immediately step out and drink lots of water.

A woman sweating in a sauna

How steam rooms help lose weight

The humid environment in steam rooms can help you lose water weight by making you sweat. For maximum efficiency, experts recommend sitting in the steam room for 15 to 20 minutes after your workout session. This supplementary exercise can help you lose weight by sweating out any remaining toxins.

How infrared saunas help reduce weight

Calorie boost: Infrared saunas can increase your heart rate and boost metabolism to help burn calories faster. According to some estimates, if you regularly burn 40 calories in a 30-minute workout, infrared saunas can help your shed 60 calories at the same time! Bonus point: you won’t even have to move a finger. Enjoy the relaxing session while saying goodbye to the extra weight.

Regulated lipids: Infrared heat penetration can improve blood flow to your fat cells, reducing their appearance. This can help you get rid of lipids, such as fats and cholesterol, quicker. Moreover, studies have also shown that infrared saunas can increase your good cholesterol count while reducing the bad cholesterol collection. This can prove to be very beneficial for your health.

Other benefits of infrared saunas include joint pain relief and improved sleep. Both of these factors can contribute positively to your weight loss journey.

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