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A man sleeping comfortably after a session in an infrared sauna

Slumber And Saunas: How A Sauna Routine Can Help You Sleep Better

Many people experience irregular sleeping patterns, especially when the seasons transition to fall. Stress, anxiety and other mental health concerns can also cause insomnia and difficulty sleeping.

This can cause more severe health problems like early-onset dementia, diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular issues and more. Getting sufficient hours of good-quality sleep is an expert anti-aging tip used by people for centuries.

However, if you’re running out of techniques to help you sleep, it might be time to give a sauna routine a try.

How Can Infrared Saunas Help?

There has been some research but no conclusive evidence about the impact of infrared saunas on sleep. However, since our individual experiences can differ due to differences in health etc. it’s better to try for yourself and reach your own conclusion. Let’s take a look at the ways infrared saunas assist better sleeping patterns.

A woman sleeping soundly after using infrared saunas

It Cools Down Your Body Temperature

Thermoregulation is a bodily process responsible for helping you fall asleep sooner. When you need to fall asleep at night, the body cools down to produce the sleep hormone, melatonin. A fifteen-minute sauna session can cool your body down faster and signal your body that it’s time to sleep.

It Helps You Combat Chronic Fatigue

Far infrared therapy in a sauna can help improve the mood and fight off symptoms of fatigue like aches, sore throat, flu-like symptoms, irregular heartbeat and more. It can also help those experiencing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

It Can Calm Your Mind

When you’re anxious and worried, and several thoughts are running through your head, it can be difficult to find an escape from them. Spending time in solitude while your body goes into relaxation mode, helps put your mind at ease simultaneously.

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