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A 5-person sauna installed for sauna therapy.

The Health Hazards of Using High EMF Saunas

Many of us have made our life convenient through gadgets and modern equipment but a few of them pose possible health risks, which we might be unaware of. Our gadgets release invisible energy waves or radiations, which can have a positive effect on us or a negative one.

Three Types Of EMF

Electric Fields (EF)

Electric fields are known as voltage, and are controlled with proper wiring and attachment to the appliances. In infrared saunas, the heater and infrared element are attached to a power supply so that heat is produced and spread out evenly.

Magnetic Fields (MF)

Magnetic fields are present whenever you’re using an electric appliance and they have different strengths. Heating elements and infrared light can produce high magnetic fields due to the high amperage.

Radiofrequency Radiation (RF)

Radiofrequency radiation can be found in many Wi-Fi and Bluetooth devices that we use for entertainment. Usually, saunas don't have such high-tech devices that can emit radiofrequency radiation and the infrared light operates at a lower frequency.

Health Hazards

So, the main concern in infrared saunas are the high magnetic field levels. This can cause many health risks to people.


Exposure to these fields for a long duration can cause cancer and lead to other major health risks. It can also increase the risk of childhood leukemia. As it can damage the brain cells, studies have shown that many types of brain cancer, breast cancer, thyroid cancer can occur as it encourages the growth of carcinogens.

Skin Problems

Due to the high temperature and long duration of heat exposure, people can develop skin problems. Hyperpigmentation, scaling and skin irritation can occur due to repeated sauna sessions. It can also speed up the process of aging of your skin, which can cause wrinkles and fine lines. Skin thickness is also experienced by some people.

Eye Problems

The high temperature can be excessively damaging for your eyes and especially for your cornea, which is the outer layer of your eyes. This can impair your vision and affect your retinal in the long run, leading to cataracts.

Other Health Hazards

You might also find it difficult to breathe normally and experience airway irritation. Some studies have found that continuous sauna therapy can cause lower sperm count and motility in men.

So, if you have lower blood pressure, kidney disease and you suffer from dehydration and dizziness, it’s wise to avoid regular infrared sauna sessions.

However, you can take care of your body before and after the session by drinking a lot of water and eating healthy to reduce the impact of the heat.

A 5-person sauna installed for a relaxing sauna therapy session.

Buy an infrared sauna from a reputable company with the help of certified sauna specialists. They can guide you regarding all the features and safety procedures to choose a low EMF sauna. We have a top-tier sauna collection from various brands and you can choose an infrared sauna or a heater type according to your preference.

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