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Things to Consider When Purchasing a Traditional Sauna

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Traditional Sauna

Heat has an undeniable power to heal and improve one’s health. Therefore, people have been using traditional Finnish saunas for centuries. These saunas offer stress reduction, body detoxification, safe sweating, relaxation, and instant pain relief.

While most experts recommend purchasing an infrared sauna for safe heat therapy, many people prefer the traditional experience introduced by the Finnish. If you’re thinking of buying a conventional sauna for your home, here’s what you should consider.

The Typical Sauna Experience

The first thing you must determine is whether you’re ready to invest in a typical sauna experience. A Finnish sauna provides you with a similar experience to a steam room, allowing you to relax in a confined space with significantly higher temperatures.

You can expect to sit in a wood-lined room with an electric heater filled with stones when purchasing a traditional sauna. You’ll have to heat the rocks and pour warm water over them to produce steam throughout the room.

Traditional saunas come with stones and a spoon to help you enhance the experience of the sauna bath. You’ll experience a higher sweat level with increased heat in a traditional sauna than in an infrared sauna.

 a traditional sauna

Sauna Size

The next thing you should determine is your sauna’s size. It’s critical to have sufficient space in your home or property to accommodate the sauna unit perfectly. Choosing the right sauna size significantly depends on who you’ll be sharing it with.

When you’re 100% sure of the perfect sauna space and the number of sauna bathers in your house, you’ll find it easier to pick a sauna that fits your needs and has the right amount of desired features.

The good news is that you’ll likely find saunas in multiple sizes. You can conveniently find a sauna that’ll fit a massive space or a one-bedroom apartment.

Sauna’s Location

If you don’t have sufficient space to install a sauna inside your house, you can always move your traditional sauna outside. Outdoor saunas are excellent accessories to improve your backyard’s curb appeal. You can choose adequate sauna features with feasible roofing types and sizes with the right sauna company to complement your house’s overall architecture.

 sauna stones

While traditional saunas provide you with the typical sauna experience, it’s always better to invest in an infrared sauna. You can purchase a wide range of infrared saunas online at USA Health & Wellness. We offer low-EMF saunas by leading sauna brands to provide you with the ultimate sauna experience. Visit our website to check our sauna collection today!

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