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    With so many sauna companies introducing infrared saunas with numerous features, it’s become challenging to find the right sauna for yourself. While you may be able to find “the best” saunas to provide you with “the most therapeutic experience” with a quick Google search, it’s better to stay away from potential scams.

    Let us help you find the right sauna for yourself, so you don’t have to spend a long time looking to find one that fits your needs. Here are the top ten saunas at the best prices that you must consider for your next purchase.

    Medical Saunas

    If you’re looking for a sauna for its health benefits, Medical Saunas™ is for you. These saunas are designed by doctors and are great for use when recommended by pain specialists, surgeons, physical therapists, and massage therapists. With almost zero EMF ratings, these are the safest saunas you’ll find in the market.

    These saunas are durable, affordable, and easy to set up.

    The Rondium by Harvia

    Sometimes a fancy sauna is all you need. The Rondium by Harvia is a sauna with an exceptionally appealing exterior. This deluxe sauna is manufactured with high-quality materials and has aesthetically pleasing rounded double doors.

    These saunas are on the pricier side but certainly worth the investment.

    a wooden sauna

    Steamist Sauna

    If you’re all about traditional saunas, you must go for the Steamist Sauna. It’s a well-engineered sauna with excellent performance levels and durability. It provides users with the ultimate Finnish sauna experience that's unforgettable. It’s one of the most therapeutic saunas you’ll find on the market.

    Cidro Sauna

    With an increased demand for minimalistic items, the Cirdo Sauna is just the right match for you. It’s a sleek and simple sauna with a rustic look. It’s known for its health benefits and enjoyable sauna experience. You should definitely consider purchasing this sauna if you’re an avid sauna bather who is fond of saunas’ benefits.

    a man taking a sauna bath

    Alta Series Sauna

    The Alta Series Sauna is stunning. Its prominent features include a curved frontal design consisting of full glass doors. Its traditional interior design makes it all the more captivating.

    These saunas are perfect for sharing with friends and family members and have multiple shelves for belongings.

    Finlandia Outdoor Sauna

    If you’re looking for a sauna experience that connects you with nature, you should go for the Finlandia Outdoor Sauna. This sauna has a glass roof, offering a spacious, clear view of the sky and your outdoors. Enjoy the breathtaking views offered by this sauna for a spectacular experience.

    Monaco Dynamic Infrared Sauna

    The Monaco Dynamic is a one-of-a-kind sauna because of its perfectly engineered design. It’s a modern sauna with sleek glass doors and windows. Its front region has multiple luxurious features with high-quality performance.

     a sauna kit

    Superior Steam Red Cedar Steam Sauna

    Many customers gravitate toward the Red Cedar Sauna because of its wide range of features. It’s a high-quality sauna with multiple notable add-ons like an indoor and outdoor lighting kit, multiple heaters, and a front accent kit.

    Polar Sauna

    The Polar Sauna is an excellent addition for any house to match its interior and overall look. It’s a beautifully crafted sauna with a sleek and classic design. Its simplicity makes it great for frequent use. Don’t forget the enchanting lights it comes with.

    Therasauna Face-to-Face

    If you’re looking for a sauna that’ll be a functional addition to your home, the Face-to-Face Infrared Sauna by Therasauna is perfect for you. It has a special face-to-face seating arrangement that can fit up to 4 persons simultaneously. If you’re looking for a unique sauna experience, you must check this one out.

    a woman enjoying a sauna

    You can now check out the wide range of saunas and buy infrared saunas online at USA Health & Wellness. Visit our website to find the perfect sauna that’ll fit your needs today!

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    Awesome hot tub, great sound and bass!

    We ordered for our personal use in 2020, October I believe it was and just received it April 2021 due to the covid b/s. Tyler was excellent with communication and keeping us updated the entire time. Will buy from again when the need arises for our vrbo rentals. This company actually has customer service a rare find these days!

    Unequaled Performance

    I am pleased to provide an objective review of USA Health & Wellness, and of the Therasauna TS5753, a full spectrum infrared sauna I ordered from them on December 9, 2020 and received on January 14, 2021.

    Why USA Health & Wellness?

    I have been using saunas, etc. for six decades, first in Europe where I spent my teenage years, and then in the United States. I have owned a custom-built Finnish/traditional sauna, a steam bath, a hot tube, and now a full spectrum infrared sauna, and I have used all except infrared saunas in gyms, hotels, etc. Hence I did not approach my most recent purchase as a complete neophyte. Even so, I found the current market place to be rich in inflated claims, with each merchant touting his products as the best, often with unsupported claims. On the USA Health & Wellness site, Garen accurately describes the journey of trying to separate fact from fiction. It was clear that he had carefully navigated the maze I was attempting to navigate, and I determined to pursue that journey in earnest with USA Health & Wellness.

    My first call was made at the end of a weekend, in the evening, in early December. To my amazement, Tyler answered the phone and explored the options with me at length. I found it remarkable that he and Garen were always available and never rushed – in the evenings, on weekends, and even on Christmas and New Year's Day when I intended only to leave messages. I posed unusual, sometimes provoking questions, to which they always replied in a forthright, informative, and affirming manner. I'm embarrassed to say that more than 100 emails have been exchanged, with them always welcoming my inquiries and occasional apprehensions. I was treated like their most important customer, as if we had been friends in college. In contrast, questions sent by email to the manufacturer, especially those with technical content, typically have been ignored or treated dismissively. On those occasions when I have been able to reach someone in customer service by phone, the individuals have been consistently welcoming and eager to help. Hence, I do not recommend email communication with the manufacturer.

    During the selection and purchase process, I read everything I could find on saunas, investigating product, health, and benefit claims (including many unfounded claims by other vendors), reaching the conclusion that USA Health & Wellness had told it straight, right from the beginning. If they are guilty of anything, they are guilty of understatement (e.g. “I estimate 1 - 2 weeks (for delivery);” it arrived only three days later, and without any damage or blemishes.)

    Having never used an infrared sauna and not wanting to use a publicly available sauna during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was left to the literature and to Tyler's guidance. As an extensive user of traditional saunas, my initial leanings were toward a Finnish sauna. Selecting an infrared sauna from Therasauna has proved to be a better choice. It heats up more quickly, the interior heat distribution can be customized, and it draws substantially fewer watts.

    My already high confidence in USA Health & Wellness developed to a point where I was comfortable paying for the sauna by personal check (without the protection of a credit card). Tyler graciously reduced the purchase price to reflect the savings of the entire credit card fee. Tyler found other creative ways to reduce my costs without detracting in any way from the product or its quality.

    Why an Infrared Sauna from Therasauna?

    USA Health & Wellness offers a variety of saunas. As best I can tell, their assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each product is accurate. Wanting a quality product with abundant room for one person and comfortable, symmetrical space for two, I selected the Theresauna TS5753. It is part of the only line of infrared saunas made entirely in the USA; along the way I have developed a healthy aversion for anything made even in part in China. Further, Therasauna has a reputation for taking exceptional pride in their workmanship. This visible surfaces are all nicely finished (the invisible, outside back wall less so).

    Recently I began working with a world-class sports medicine physician in Park City, where many Olympic athletes reside and train. During my early January visit with him, I asked him about the possible relevance of a sauna to my regular exercise regimen. He immediately endorsed the idea and proceeded to tell me about the categories (and sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories) of saunas, and the advantages and disadvantages of each, concluding with his endorsement of full spectrum infrared saunas, characterizing them as the saunas of the future, all while I listened politely. His endorsement further solidified my confidence in my choice and in the guidance Tyler had provided right from the start.

    How has My Sauna Performed?

    One week after my sauna was assembled and usable, I spent a morning ...

    American Spa Purchase

    Great spa for a great price. No sales tax or delivery fees so that made it worth it right there. Some one is in the spa daily now it is cold outside. I would recommend the spa and buying it from USA Health and Wellness. The biggest catch is they will only drop it off at the drive way. You will need to get it to the final spot.

    Therasauna 1 person

    Absolutely love it. It could not be more perfect!

    My thoughts on the tsp3737

    The sauna was easy to assemble, the delivery time was not as told even though it showed in stock! The delivery service was awesome, no problems with damage or unloading. We like our sauna but it has a couple of design issues, the heaters under the seat are not doing much, I think because they aren't close enough to your legs and the other quip is that I can't adjust the control up or down to add more time until it shuts off after initial setting. Outside room temp is 68 degrees and it takes about 15 minutes to reach 120 but quickly goes to 140 from there, this is an uninsulated sauna so this is acceptable. The main con is the under bench backwall heaters are too far away to feel! Also if you are looking for the Made in USA seal on the front of the bench, it was missing, so that is a concern with me! This is our first sauna and we do enjoy it almost every nite, wish we had room for a bigger unit!