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    The 4 Best 1-Person Infrared Sauna Models for 2021

    By Stephanie Chabot October 23, 2020

    4 Best 1-person Infrared Saunas for 2021

    There is nothing quite like a peaceful and rejuvenating sauna to yourself. And when you invest in one for your home, you can enjoy that relaxing experience daily. But how do you know which is the best 1-person infrared sauna for your wellness needs and preferences? 

    We are sharing our top four picks from a few of the most trusted brands on the market: Health Mate, TheraSauna, and Saunacore. Soon, you and every person in your household will be enjoying regular personalized sauna sessions. Check out our list below and prepare to elevate your well-being for 2021!

    Health Mate Renew 1

    Health Mate Renew 1- Person Sauna

    To enjoy a solo sauna that delivers the most bang for your buck, choose the Health Mate Renew 1. This model is both aesthetically pleasing, safe, and eco-friendly because Health Mate uses Grade A PEFC™ Western Red Cedar.

    The Renew 1 features a combination of the Health Mate TruInfra™ carbon infrared heaters on the back wall and Tecoloy™ S series on the front wall and bench. The Tecoloy heaters have the fastest to-temperature heat time in the industry and boast 99.5% emissivity—basically, you’ll sweat it out faster! The Tecoloy has also been third-party tested and received a Low Electromagnetic Field (EMF) certification. 

    A few other luxuries include the chromotherapy lighting and a Bluetooth system that allows you to relax to your favorite soundscapes. At the price point, it doesn’t get much better than the Renew 1-person infrared sauna.


    • PEFC™ Western Cedar Wood
    • Flat bench
    • 100% toxic free
    • Patented interior & exterior controllers
    • Exterior lighting
    • Magazine holder
    • 48 diode chromotherapy lighting
    • Interior shelf
    • Low EMF TruInfra™ Heater
    • Bluetooth


    Interior Dimensions

    • Width: 37 ¼”
    • Depth: 35 ¾” 
    • Height: 69 ⅞”

    Exterior Dimensions

    • Width: 40”
    • Depth: 40 ½”
    • Height: 75 ¼”


    • 120v
    • 1230 watts
    • 15 amps
    • Plugs into a standard 120v 15a outlet
    • Plug type: NEMA 5-15P

    Price: $3,800

    Shop the Health Mate Renew 1 today.

    TheraSauna Persona TSP3737

    Therasauna Persona TSP3737 1-person Sauna

    Are you looking for an affordable one-person infrared sauna with a clean design? The TheraSauna Persona will get the job done. This slim model will fit in nearly any home seamlessly. Enjoy privacy with the smoke glass door and low energy consumption (it requires just 1044 watts!).

    The one-person sauna also includes TheraSauna’s patented StableHeat™ System, which produces consistent far-infrared heat throughout your sauna session—even after the sauna reaches the desired temperature. This is unlike any other sauna, which stops creating far-infrared after the set temperature is reached.

    At the same time, this TheraSauna is perfectly safe and efficient. The solid ceramic TheraMitters™ have very low EMF levels yet maintain 96% heat efficiency. Take your well-being to the next level with the simple and budget-friendly Persona 3737.


    • Stain-free non-toxic Aspen wood on both interior and exterior
    • Easy-to-use SoftTouch™ Control featuring: Time, Temperature, Light and LED Display
    • 6 Solid Ceramic TheraMitters™ 
    • Backrest & bench made of stain-free natural Aspen finish
    • Smoke Glass Door with TheraSauna® Logo
    • Interior Reading Light
    • Patented StableHeat System™
    • Meets/Exceeds ETL and CE safety requirements



    • Width: 37”
    • Depth: 37”
    • Height: 75”


    • 120v
    • 1044 watts
    • 15 amps
    • Plugs into a 120v 15a outlet

    Price: $2,995

    Shop the TheraSauna Persona today.

    TheraSauna TS4746

    Therasauna TS4746 1-2 Person Infrared Sauna

    The TheraSauna TS4746 is a deluxe infrared sauna that can fit one to two people. It is space-friendly enough to fit in a variety of homes, but offers plenty of room for you and another person to enjoy a high-quality sauna experience. 

    The TS4746 is built with non-toxic Aspen wood and finished beautifully. It features a TheraSauna’s signature technology, like the Micron Power Select™ (MPS) control, 7 Day Programmable Memory Settings (allows you to create presets for two users), and the StableHeat™ System. And of course, it also includes the powerful TheraMitter™ heaters. 

    Relax against the reversible bench with its contoured backrest with the privacy of the smoke glass door. If you’re looking for a bit more, you have the option to add accessories like Bluetooth chromotherapy lighting, a backrest and footrest, and an ionizer fan. Enjoy a safe, soothing, and consistent far-infrared sauna time after time. 


    • Non-toxic, non-allergenic Aspen wood
    • Micron Power Select™ 
    • 7 Day Programmable Memory Settings (Dual Users)
    • 8 Solid Ceramic TheraMitters
    • Ergonomic, contoured backrest
    • Reversible bench (flat & curved)
    • Smoke glass door with two side windows and TheraSauna® logo
    • Choice of warm mahogany clear seal finish or natural Aspen finish exterior
    • Tongue & groove interior
    • Elegant, dimmable sconce light (60 watt bulb)
    • StableHeat System™
    • Ceiling Vent
    • Meets/Exceeds ETL and CE safety requirements



    • Width: 48 ¾”
    • Depth: 44”
    • Height: 78”


    • 120v
    • 1141 watts
    • 15 amps
    • Plugs into 120v 15a outlet

    Price: $4,975

    Shop the TheraSauna 4746 today.

    Saunacore Infra-Core Premium Series

    Saunacore Infra-Core Premium Series 1-Person Infrared Sauna

    The Saunacore Infra-Core Premium Series is the best 1-person infrared sauna for those who desire a high-end experience. This luxurious sauna delivers maximum relaxation and health benefits and offers all the comforts and conveniences you could ask for.

    Enjoy Saunacore’s comprehensive Infra-Core system. This technology includes:

    • Infra-Core Emitters: Boast a 96% efficiency and the lowest EMF levels in the industry
    • Opti-Cool System: Allows long wavelengths to be reached and maintained to offer higher levels of far-infrared penetration
    • Infra-Floor™ (Optional Upgrade): Emits even radiant heat to prevent your body from losing heat to a cool floor.

    Saunacore operates and manufactures in Canada. Their beautiful, high-quality Western Red Cedar even comes from one of the finest mills in the country. Your Infra-Core Premium sauna won’t decay and requires very little maintenance, as cedar is anti-microbial. It’s also totally safe and non-allergenic.

    Easily control every aspect of your sauna with the fingertip control panel. This is where you can adjust the heat, turn the Opti-Cool system on or off, and adjust lighting. The Infra-Core Premium offers several upgrade options so that you can design your sauna exactly how you want: Add on chromotherapy lights, opt for poplar wood, or include Himalayan salt bricks for extra health benefits. And those are just a few of the upgrades available!


    • 6 highly-efficient Infra-Core™ emitters with surgical stainless steel housing and shield
    • Standard Non-toxic Clear Western Red Cedar
    • Available in poplar wood or basswood upgrade
    • Optimization Cooling System
    • Infra-Floor™ (Optional Upgrade)
    • Bluetooth
    • Limited lifetime warranty on emitters
    • Floor base with wheels enables easy cleaning
    • Double wall construction
    • Portable
    • One-tier bench along back wall
    • Infra-Core designer full glass bronze door
    • Fingertip control panel allows control of sauna operation, audio system, fan, lighting, etc.
    • Safety Certified


    Exterior Dimensions

    • Width: 36”
    • Depth: 36”
    • Height: 74.4”


    Plugs into a 120v 15a outlet

    Price: $8,480

    Shop the SaunaCore Infra-Core Premium today.

    Find the Best 1-Person Infrared Sauna

    This list includes everything from our favorite basic, economical one-person sauna to our most luxurious model. No matter which option you choose, you will be able to take in some much needed “you” time every day. If you still need help figuring out which is the best 1-person infrared sauna for your lifestyle, contact our experts today at 207-619-4291! 

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    I am pleased to provide an objective review of USA Health & Wellness, and of the Therasauna TS5753, a full spectrum infrared sauna I ordered from them on December 9, 2020 and received on January 14, 2021.

    Why USA Health & Wellness?

    I have been using saunas, etc. for six decades, first in Europe where I spent my teenage years, and then in the United States. I have owned a custom-built Finnish/traditional sauna, a steam bath, a hot tube, and now a full spectrum infrared sauna, and I have used all except infrared saunas in gyms, hotels, etc. Hence I did not approach my most recent purchase as a complete neophyte. Even so, I found the current market place to be rich in inflated claims, with each merchant touting his products as the best, often with unsupported claims. On the USA Health & Wellness site, Garen accurately describes the journey of trying to separate fact from fiction. It was clear that he had carefully navigated the maze I was attempting to navigate, and I determined to pursue that journey in earnest with USA Health & Wellness.

    My first call was made at the end of a weekend, in the evening, in early December. To my amazement, Tyler answered the phone and explored the options with me at length. I found it remarkable that he and Garen were always available and never rushed – in the evenings, on weekends, and even on Christmas and New Year's Day when I intended only to leave messages. I posed unusual, sometimes provoking questions, to which they always replied in a forthright, informative, and affirming manner. I'm embarrassed to say that more than 100 emails have been exchanged, with them always welcoming my inquiries and occasional apprehensions. I was treated like their most important customer, as if we had been friends in college. In contrast, questions sent by email to the manufacturer, especially those with technical content, typically have been ignored or treated dismissively. On those occasions when I have been able to reach someone in customer service by phone, the individuals have been consistently welcoming and eager to help. Hence, I do not recommend email communication with the manufacturer.

    During the selection and purchase process, I read everything I could find on saunas, investigating product, health, and benefit claims (including many unfounded claims by other vendors), reaching the conclusion that USA Health & Wellness had told it straight, right from the beginning. If they are guilty of anything, they are guilty of understatement (e.g. “I estimate 1 - 2 weeks (for delivery);” it arrived only three days later, and without any damage or blemishes.)

    Having never used an infrared sauna and not wanting to use a publicly available sauna during the COVID-19 pandemic, I was left to the literature and to Tyler's guidance. As an extensive user of traditional saunas, my initial leanings were toward a Finnish sauna. Selecting an infrared sauna from Therasauna has proved to be a better choice. It heats up more quickly, the interior heat distribution can be customized, and it draws substantially fewer watts.

    My already high confidence in USA Health & Wellness developed to a point where I was comfortable paying for the sauna by personal check (without the protection of a credit card). Tyler graciously reduced the purchase price to reflect the savings of the entire credit card fee. Tyler found other creative ways to reduce my costs without detracting in any way from the product or its quality.

    Why an Infrared Sauna from Therasauna?

    USA Health & Wellness offers a variety of saunas. As best I can tell, their assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of each product is accurate. Wanting a quality product with abundant room for one person and comfortable, symmetrical space for two, I selected the Theresauna TS5753. It is part of the only line of infrared saunas made entirely in the USA; along the way I have developed a healthy aversion for anything made even in part in China. Further, Therasauna has a reputation for taking exceptional pride in their workmanship. This visible surfaces are all nicely finished (the invisible, outside back wall less so).

    Recently I began working with a world-class sports medicine physician in Park City, where many Olympic athletes reside and train. During my early January visit with him, I asked him about the possible relevance of a sauna to my regular exercise regimen. He immediately endorsed the idea and proceeded to tell me about the categories (and sub-categories, and sub-sub-categories) of saunas, and the advantages and disadvantages of each, concluding with his endorsement of full spectrum infrared saunas, characterizing them as the saunas of the future, all while I listened politely. His endorsement further solidified my confidence in my choice and in the guidance Tyler had provided right from the start.

    How has My Sauna Performed?

    One week after my sauna was assembled and usable, I spent a morning ...

    American Spa Purchase

    Great spa for a great price. No sales tax or delivery fees so that made it worth it right there. Some one is in the spa daily now it is cold outside. I would recommend the spa and buying it from USA Health and Wellness. The biggest catch is they will only drop it off at the drive way. You will need to get it to the final spot.

    Spectacular sauna

    I have been using saunas and steam rooms on a regular basis since 1982. I never used a full spectrum sauna before. After the Healthmate 2 person sauna was delivered, my son and I, unpacked it and assembled it in an hour and a half we were in it 20 minutes later ! It is the best sauna I have ever been in! My wife and son love it as well.

    awesome sauna

    Have had it up and running for a couple weeks now and noticed a definite difference on our sleeping. Fall asleep faster! The sauna was very simple to put up and everything fit perfectly the first time. Very nice quality, very little new smell to deal with. Wonderful product, doesn't heat up the room it's in. Love it!

    Wishing for more instructions to get started.

    I haven’t had a chance to use much. It just was installed about 3 weeks ago as I was doing renovations. I’m having trouble figuring out how to get it going and how to set the timer. I’m an apple product user so the android tablet is a bit difficult for me. Is there a preheat setting? Or do I need to add the preheat time into the total time for a session? I was hoping for a bit more comprehensive user manual on how to get going than I received. There’s lots of info included on putting it together etc but not very much on actual usage. What can I bring into the sauna and what should I not bring into the sauna? Should I be wearing protective goggles as in a tanning bed? How to set up a user? Not sure on that either.