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Why You Should Use a Sauna After Workout

For hundreds of years, saunas have been used for recreation and relaxation purposes. Now, recent studies have found that sauna bathing can have health benefits as well. Sitting in an infrared sauna after an exhaustive workout session isn't just a great way to unwind and chill, but it can have many positive effects on your physical wellbeing. 15 to 20 minutes of your time spent basking in your sauna's infrared heat can increase your heart rate and release sweat.

This contributes to improving the hormonal regulation in your body, making you healthier and happier. Here are some other reasons you should spend a few minutes in an infrared sauna after your workout:

Muscle recovery

During a workout, your muscles are exerted, and they work harder than usual. This can result in microscopic tears, which can cause inflammation and muscle sores, cramps, and tightness. Sitting in an infrared sauna for a few minutes after every workout can improve the muscle recovery process by increasing your blood circulation and making it easier for your body to supply oxygen-rich blood to the oxygen-depleted muscle. The warmth in the sauna can also make you feel relieved by relaxing your muscle tension.

Two women sitting in a sauna

Prolong sweating

Sweating has many health benefits, including its ability to release toxins from the body, boosting your immunity, and preventing kidney stone formation. While sweating during a workout can cool down your body and burn calories, the same benefits can be prolonged with a short session in the infrared sauna.

The heat in the sauna can stimulate sweating and allow you to purge any toxins, including alcohol and nicotine, from the body. Just remember to stay hydrated during your post-workout sauna session to reap the multifold benefits.

Increased endurance

In a research conducted by the Otago University in New Zealand, several male runners were prompted to sit in infrared saunas for approximately 30 minutes after their endurance training sessions for three weeks. Saunas were set to 190F, and the results showed an endurance boost in all athletes. Biological inspection proved that heat exposure increased the blood volume of all runners, resulting in improved endurance.

Subsequent studies have also shown a positive relationship between sauna sessions and endurance. Hence, if you want to improve your workout performance sitting in a relieving sauna session can do wonders.

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