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If you are looking for the perfect hot tub for your home, look no further. Our hot tubs are designed with you in mind! Built for luxury without breaking the bank. Check out the size options and features below.

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"It is our mission to be the best possible resource to you during your strenuous research process. Hot Tubs are NOT one size fits all. Let's find you the best spa for your needs and budget."

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Bench Seat.

When you need to accommodate a group, the American Spas Bench Seat can fit an entire party. Side by side seating allows guests to easily move and enjoy close proximity to one another. The footwell below the bench seat is spaciously designed to accommodate the whole group.

The Industry Leader

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If you are looking for the perfect hot tub for your home, look no further. Our hot tubs are designed with you in mind! Build for luxury without breaking the bank. Check out the size options and features on the next page!

Lounge Seat

The Lounge Seat features spa jets that are specially positioned to target the upper and lower body during soothing hydrotherapy sessions. The ergonomic design ensures that spa users do not float out of the seat from the water pressure. Sit back and relax as the American Spa™ hot tub rejuvenates your body from head to toe

Cool Seat

The Cool Seat allows your body to acclimate to a new temperature whether you are entering or exiting the spa. This transition seat is elegantly designed in order to keep spa users half-immersed for a proper transition from one temperature to another.

SQR Jets

Our different types of jets offer many benefits to your health. The SQR jets are positioned in various configurations to deliver unique hydrotherapy massages that pinpoint specific areas of the body.

Plug N Play

This convenient kit reduces installation costs since you can simply plug in your spa and soak – saving you money! With a plug an play spa you eliminate all of this as the tub comes with a simple 3 prong 110v cord that can plug into any outlet. Additionally a plug and play hot tub is not hard wired into a permanent outside gfci box making it easier to take or move it with you. Or if your a renter you can have a hot tub and take it with you when you buy a house or rent another one!

On Selected Models AM-418B, AM-420B, AM 511RS, AM 628TS, AM 511RM, AM 628TM.

Eliminator™ Power Frame Pump 6- breaker HP Pump

American Spas™ has the most reliable motors in the industry. With less moving parts, these motors feature two independent winding speeds and a reverse-flow cooling system. Built to last a lifetime!

Internal Drain Valve

All American Spas™ are equipped with an internal drain valve fitted inside the shell wall footwell of the spa. This valve is here to aid in spa drainage for routine maintenance and cleaning. One pump spa systems include one and two pump spa systems have two . The number of internal drain valves depends on your spas size and pump system.

Whisper Hot™ Titanium Heater

American Spas™ heater is a 5.5 kW Titanium that is leading edge in the industry. The Whisper Hot Titanium Heater has become the solution to hot tub heater longevity and has long been the best defense against chemical & mineral abuse.


American Spas™ uses a gray scale LCD screen with Visual feedback including buttons that let you know what functions you are using. Our control system displays temperature, time of day, status, modes, and more general information.

HydroSilk™ Ozonator

Using Ozonators with Mazzie Injectors Mixing Chambers will kill microorganisms and prevents them from reproducing. No chemicals are added to the water and won’t interfere with the oxidation process.


American Spas cabinet walls contain premium insulation that is completely recyclable and produces less waste than traditional urethane foam. Additionally, it does not block passage to the spa.

American Spa Preferred™ Vertical Cabinet Panels

These highly-durable panels mimic the look of natural wood and are standard on all American Spas hot tubs in a variety of colors that complement any backyard landscape.

Thermo-Layer™ Floor Insulation

This pan locks in heat and keeps moisture out.

Hydro-Armor™ Spa Covers

American Spas spa cover is built with a tapered edge and has a downward angle from the center, which prevents precipitation from pooling. Made from 100% marine-grade with a vinyl top, filled and supported by 18-gauge steel C-Channel beams.

Fiber Steel Construction

Patented 7-layer laminate system reinforced with steel and wood. This combination creates one of the strongest shells in the world.

Pressure Treated Wood Cabinet Frame

Our cabinet frames are treated to resist rot, corrosion and insects. Constructed using 1” galvanized steel fasteners, corner gussets, and vertical angle bracings for added beam support.

Tru Blue™ Vacuum Safety Break

This VGB Approved safety break feature automatically reduces pump suction in the event of an obstruction or intake blockage.

Multi-Color LED Spa Light

Radiate your choice of color throughout the spa with the large spa light located at the footwell of the spa. Enhance your evening spa sessions by setting the right mood.


This dramatic water fixtures create a tropical environment that transports you to the most exotic paradise of your imagination. Waterfalls come in classic cascade or vertical fountain styles and are specific to each model. LED lighting options also enhance the look and feel of any waterfall for a visually beautiful experience.

Freedom™ Sound System

Bluetooth technology lets you control your music through your smart device from anywhere inside, or outside your American Spa Hot Tub. Includes Bluetooth, Powered Subwoofer and Speakers.

Selected models: AM-420B, AM534L-S, AM637LS, AM756LS, AM756BS, AM534LP, AM637LP, AM756LP, AM756BP, AM885LG

Interior Perimeter LED Lighting

LED lights are placed around the inside of the spa to let your spa light up. American Spas™ uses LED lights that are durable and save you energy! Selected models


  • Waterfall

  • Multi-Color LED Spa Light

  • Interior Perimeter LED Lighting

  • Freedom™ Sound System




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