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Saunacore HRE4X4 Infrared Sauna Horizon Econo

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About SaunaCore

Saunacore is a world leader in the manufacturing of premium quality sauna and steam bath products. Saunacore manufacturing is based in Ontario, Canada. With 99% of infrared saunas being mass manufactured in China, SaunaCore is proud manufacture 100% out of North America. Saunacore manufactures sauna heaters, steam bath generators, far infrared sauna rooms, traditional indoor and outdoor saunas, material liner kits, accessories and much more. 

*Construction and Key Information*

A normal everyday sauna shopper may see SaunaCore pricing and wonder what makes SaunaCore saunas more costly. This question is more than fair.

SaunaCore uses TRUE kiln dried cedar. (Options for Poplar and Canadian Hemlock). Unlock their competitors, they use much thicker cabinet walls. They are handcrafted by the best and most experienced craftsmen, with the absolute highest standards in the industry, in Ontario Canada, with 11/16" thick lumber. Each wall is a "dual wall" or "triple wall" construction for extremely effective insulation. This is extremely important considering how valuable deep infrared benefits are. By using the highest grade wood quality, it also makes your new sauna decay resistant. Not only is the wood quality and thickness of the walls uncomparable, but so are the other materials. The InfraCore heaters are made of 100% ceramic and are concave in shape. Additionally, the InfraCore heaters the lowest EMF in the industry, and the concave shape creates a geometry for the maximum body coverage possible. The engineering of the heater shape makes the difference. Other heaters which are convex or flat in shape, will produce a narrow infrared coverage. With a concave shape, you receive a wider, more concentrated body coverage. Simply put, buy a sauna one time, and do it right. Lastly, the InfraCore heater bracings and emitter guards are #304 Stainless Steel; the same metal used in hospitals.

The Horizon Econo is a wonderful true FAR infrared sauna. Its well priced and the value far exceeds the price when it comes to this sauna! Medical grade Infracore emitters allow for the most advanced health benefits! Features: - Clear Western red cedar - Medical grade Infracore emitters - Surgical stainless housing and shield - 6 emitters - Emitters in corner of the room and under bench (back corners and one front corner) - Full floor insert - Low wattage emitters - Light weight - Portable - Command I control simple push touch with sauna light - Limited. Lifetime warranty on emitters - One bench along back wall - Infracore designer full glass bronze door - Safety Certified - Electrical Requirements: 120v 15amp Optional upgrade: - American Poplar wood Dimensions: 4'W x 4'D x 6.5'H

InfraCore Ceramic Infrared Heaters

SaunaCore's Infra-Core Emitters are the only heater considered "Medical Grade" for the most optimal health benefits. 100% Solid Ceramic Emitters engineered with a concave design for concentrated heating and healing. The concave surface will emit a "concentrated" radiant pattern which is highly effective for zone heating of the sauna.

96% Infrared Energy Efficient means InfraCore heaters produce infrared rays iin the FAR infrared Spectrum of 5.6 to 15 microns with a Lifetime Warranty against burnout. (estimated life in excess of 10,000 operational hours)

Emitter Housing is made of Stainless Steel Chamfered baffle housing, directional heat deflector, and "central" opening grills for maximum concentrated radiant dispersion of infrared rays and heat directly into the sauna. This makes the already luxury heater even more concentrated for direct penetration. InfraCore heaters are engineered for intense high effective zone heating.

InfraCore are also the lowest when it comes to Electromagnetic Fields (EMF). SaunaCore uses more heaters, with less wattage, which equals less EMF.

Lowest EMF infrared heater. InfraCore Saunacore

  • Lowest EMF Testing at .2mg
  • 96% Radiant Efficiency
  • Concave-Style Shape for Extensive Body Coverage
  • Estimated Life- 10,000 Operational Hours
  • Glazed Finish
  • Easy to Clean and Splash Proof
  • Non-Corrosive
  • Wattages Vary
  • Effective Natural Level Infrared
  • Concentrated Infrared- Wave Pattern
  • Pure Ceramic
  • Far Infrared Emitters
  • #304 Surgical Stainless Steel Housing, Reflector and Heat Shield
  • Low Surface Temperature for Optimal User Experience
  • Pure Surgical Stainless Steel Construction and Guards
  • Third Party Tested

SaunaCore InfraCore Horizon Econo Series Features:

  • Includes Medical Grade Infracore Ceramic Emitters for Deepest Penetrating Infrared Wavelengths
  • Wood Front with Infracore Luxury Dark Tinted Designer Glass Door
  • Emitters on Front Wall Corner and Back Wall Corners as well as Under the Bench.
  • Insert Grade A Cedar Floor
  • One Straight Bench Along Back Wall
  • Single Wall Construction for Light Weight and Easy Assembly
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (Unconditional Lifetime Warranty on InfraCore heaters)
  • Command I Digital Controls
  • Clear Sauna Light
  • 4' X 4' (also available in 4' X 5')
  • 120v 15amp (standard household outlet)
  • 6 Total InfraCore Emitters

The Horizon Econo is built and designed to be as economical as possible. Basic electric requirements resulting in, on average, $3 per month electric cost, and sizing of 4' X 4' allows you to have the most efficient infrared sauna on the market.


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