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woman feeling isolated and lonely in winter

''04 Reasons Why You Need to Use a Sauna in the Winter

From drinking coffee to burying ourselves under blankets and wearing thick woolen socks, a lot goes into keeping ourselves warm during winter. But here’s an unconventional strategy that’s slowly becoming more popular: using saunas.
In this blog, we’ll discuss some benefits of using saunas during winter.

They reduce stress

There are a hundred different things on our mind during winter; you need to clear the driveway, heat the car in the morning, change the tires, etc. In fact, this increased stress can lead to medical conditions that increase doctor’s visits by 75%.Taking a sauna bath relaxes tightly knotted muscles and eases stress. Saunas also help improve sleep, and this can even help with depressive symptoms. Lastly, a session in the sauna can give you a much-needed boost of happiness.

Have fun together                    

The gloomy, cold feeling aura that surrounds winter can often leave us feeling isolated and alone. This winter, use the sauna in your home as a way to socialize and strengthen your relationships.
Invite your family or friends to join you for a sauna session and become closer in its heated comfort.

Improve skin health

The winter can often cause dry skin, resulting in cracks and lines. A session in the sauna improves blood circulation and provides concentrated oxygen to your tissues.
Improved blood flow helps the skin become tighter, clearer, and smoother. After a 30-minute session in the sauna, you can come out looking younger and feeling healthier and happier.

woman feeling relaxed and happy in the sauna

Make your heart healthy

One US citizen suffers a heart attack every 40 seconds. Prevalent diseases such as obesity and diabetes can cause the heart muscles to weaken and the arteries and veins to clog up, increasing the chances of an untimely death.

Studies in Finland have shown that people who used saunas four to seven times a week had a lower death rate than those who used it only once a week.

Saunas have proven to be an effective treatment for people with cardiovascular diseases—improved blood circulation results in a healthier immune system and a stronger heart.

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