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About us



          Thank you for visiting our About Us page at USA Health and Wellness. This page is designed to give you a glimpse into our business as a whole, how we run it, how we communicate with our customers, what we’re about, and what our core beliefs are in sauna and hot tub industry. We hope you take some time to learn here, become more well versed here, and allow us to be a resource in an industry, saunas especially, that can be overwhelming and frustrating to say the least. Below you will learn about us as a company, and better yet, what you can expect during the process of deciding on the perfect sauna, or hot tub for your home or business. It is in our core values to show you a peek into our world, with full transparency, and with your best interest in mind, as we work with you to find the best possible product for you and your family. 

Specifically regarding saunas:

Being involved in the infrared sauna industry as long as we have has allowed us to see more than most in this space. Not only that, we don’t sell just one brand of sauna. Instead, most of the top brands in the industry are offered by USA Health and Wellness. As the largest online infrared sauna dealer, we often have inquiries from manufacturers asking us to represent them as a dealer. In fact, if we don’t offer them on our website, there is a reason for it. Additionally, if we are not selling a certain brand, there is probably a good chance we used to, and in efforts to protect our customers from disappointment, and frustration, we no longer do. Please understand, the products we offer from top brands like TheraSauna, Heath Mate, SaunaCore, and Vital Health, are brands that we have strategically chosen to represent based on safety (EMF, ELF levels), performance, craftsmanship, and the manufacturers transparency, which often gets over- looked. We take a lot of pride in vetting our suppliers to insure the best possible experience for our customers. Please know it is our pleasure to help you compare and contrast the plethora of different sauna brands out there and help you decide which would be the best for YOU. 

USA Health and Wellness has a diverse selection of saunas that covers every want and need. Whether you need ceramic heaters, carbon heaters, a combination of both, or the old school traditional rock heaters, we have you covered. Wood type is also important as some customers have allergies. It is important to have your sauna made of wood that is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic in order to get the longest life, be free of toxins, and eliminate the possibility of mold and bacteria growth. Most likely, this isn’t a language that you currently speak, and the thought of choosing that on your own is daunting, right? The good news is, we DO speak that language and we are here to help you. If we were to sum up this “about us” page in one sentence, it would be, “We take the research burden off of you by supplying you with enough information for you to make an educated decision yourself”. 

What more would you like to know about us?

USA Health and Wellness is family owned and operated in Henderson, Nevada.

Being a business in Nevada we also have zero sales tax on your order if you are outside of Nevada. We do in fact ship nationwide, so we have your covered there as well! Select saunas also have free installation (white glove delivery).

We love our customers, and they are the lifeblood of our business. Without the feedback, reviews, trust, and support, we would not be where we are today. To all of our past and future customers, Thank You. We urge you to always bring your opinions to us. Your feedback means the world, and we are not perfect. We are always striving to get better and improve our business; that is why your feedback is so important to us. 

Although we continue to grow and offer more products to our customers, the one thing we will never change is giving our customers the ‘small company feel’, no matter what.

What to expect when you call us:

First and foremost, we are excited to talk to you, and we thank you for your interest in doing business with all of us here at USA Health and Wellness.

We want to learn about you first. Why are you looking for a sauna? Have you ever used one? Will this be used to treat a specific condition, is the sauna going to be used to prevent a condition, or maybe for just overall quality and well-being? We love these questions! These questions, amongst others, allow us to make our famous recommendations. We work for you! Our company DNA is to help you weed through the biased blog posts, YouTube videos, and companies with back end compensation incentives to push a certain product. Since we carry several brands, you can look at us like your broker! If you were buying a house, you wouldn’t use the listing agent, would you? The listing agent has the best interest of the seller in mind, not the buyer. We’re here to make sure the buyer gets the best sauna for the best price.
Hopefully you enjoyed that analogy; I’ll be here all week!

 Giving back

2020, 2021 and now into 2022 has been a challenging time for families, business, and individuals. Everyone can use some help here and there, and we believe in supporting foundations that change people’s lives for the better. The LymeLight foundation is a non-profit organization who issues grants to families battling Lyme Disease. Since their inception in 2011, LymeLight has awarded grants of over $6 million to 891 individuals in 49 states. 

You can find a list of each of their partners here:

In Short:

 We are here to help you, educate you, and help you take your health and wellness to the next level. Please reach out to us; we look forward to talking to you very soon.


We can always be reached via chat on our website, phone at 207-619-4291 or email at


Our Proven Manufacturers
As a proud authorized dealer of Health Mate, SaunaCore, TheraSauna®, Vital Health, Aleko, American Spas, QCA Spas and HealthMate we enjoy the opportunity to offer our customers products that are proven and established within the Health and Wellness Industry. With so much competition and so many new brands out there, we feel fortunate to partner with manufacturers who have proven themselves for so many years. When our customers buy from USA Health and Wellness they are able to feel that peace of mind that they made the best possible option when purchasing their home sauna. 
Your long and strenuous research process for your new sauna or hot tub just got a lot easier.