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    3 Natural Relief Tips for Menopause Symptoms

    By Austin Denworth August 27, 2020

    When your ovaries stop producing estrogen and progesterone, your monthly period cycle comes to a halt, and you enter the part of your life called menopause. For most women, menopause occurs during the ages of 40 and 50, but it may vary for women with PCOS and other hormonal conditions. While some women may like the thought of their period cycle ending, others are wary of the sometimes dreadful symptoms of the process.

    Mood swings, vaginal dryness, hot flashes, and night sweats are common occurrences during menopause. While medication may relieve some of these symptoms, some other tips and techniques can also make a significant difference.

    Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight

    The hormonal imbalance that occurs as a result of menopause can directly lead to weight gain. The extra fat around your waist contributes to the risk of heart diseases and diabetes, making you more prone to these conditions. Research conducted on postmenopausal women found that women who lost approximately 10lbs during the early onset of the state experienced fewer hot flashes and night sweats. Hence, if you exercise regularly during the menopausal year, you can eliminate these signs and keep your body fit and healthy.

    Taking adequate intake of vitamin D and calcium

    One of the most detrimental outcomes of menopause is weak bones. The reduction in progesterone and estrogen can lead to brittle bones, making you more prone to fractures and muscle sprains. Vitamin D and calcium are linked to healthier bone health, so you must take these in appropriate quantities.

    While you can get calcium through dairy products and green leafy vegetables, sunlight is the best source of vitamin D intake. If you can’t be out in the sun, you can take vitamin D supplements or eat dietary rich sources such as fish, cod liver oil, and eggs.

    A woman enjoying her sauna session

    Sitting in an infrared sauna

    The root cause of all menopausal symptoms is the hormonal imbalance that occurs in your system. Sitting in an infrared sauna can help reduce the imbalance by regulating your stress levels. Toxins accumulated in your liver can filter out through the sweat produced in the sauna and lead to a healthier system. Furthermore, infrared saunas can also relieve pain by providing warmth and comfort to your body. Hence, installing an infrared sauna at your home during your menopause can also help you deal with mood swings.

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    I love this sauna. It’s the perfect size. It heats up in about 30 min. The wood smells so good. It was so easy to put together.

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    Im very pleased with my sauna! Now I’d Love if you could get my RedLight order completed!
    You’ve all been fantastic to work with! 😊👌

    Finally, Just the Spa that We Ordered

    After weeks of delay due to the COVID-19 pandemic interruption of the supply chain, the 6 person American spa (hot tub) that we ordered was finally delivered, in perfect condition. The terms of purchase went smoothly, and the price was reasonably good for the quality and size of the spa. Ample instructions were provided to prepare for the spa arrival. Although some spa companies provide complimentary "start-up kits" with chemicals and water testing tools, which makes set-up quicker and easier, none came with this spa. The biggest surprise is how much site preparation for the spa ended up costing -- about as much as the cost of the spa itself. There are lots of hot tub vendors and YouTube videos out there to guide a new spa owner, almost all have a monetary interest in getting you to buy their products. USA Health and Wellness are nice people, who could strengthen their brand if they bolstered their guidance for spa set-up and maintenance.

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