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4 Proven Clinical Health Benefits of Saunas

Saunas have become a significant part of many cultures these days. The Finnish continue to enjoy outdoor saunas, and the Swedish Batsu, Native American sweat lodges, and Japanese Sento have all become innovative ways to sweat out toxins in the body.

Infrared saunas are the latest sauna technology that offer a wide range of physical and mental health benefits. In fact, getting infrared sauna therapy for just a few minutes every day can relieve stress, reduce muscle and joint tension, and ultimately deliver a sense of relaxation and calmness.

Infrared saunas offer various features and heat/humidity levels; its health benefits are also well-documented. Read on to learn some of the clinically-proven health benefits of infrared saunas.

A Slow Aging Process

Aging is an inevitable factor of life. Its process starts when the cells in our body expand with the toxin build-up. Aging also results in numerous illnesses, including cancer and cardiovascular disease.

However, studies show that healthy sweating of infrared saunas leads to cell regeneration, which ultimately slows down the aging process. According to a 20-year study in Finland, men who had two to three sauna sessions every week had a lesser chance of death from heart failure.

Detoxification of Heavy Metals

Our outdoor and indoor environments consist of various elements that affect our body in multiple ways. Our bodies are exposed to toxic heavy metals through numerous sources like clothing, toiletries, and automobiles.

Regular infrared sauna therapy is the perfect way to eradicate toxins from your body. These toxins include lead, mercury, arsenic, and cadmium.

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Muscle Functioning & Recovery

Muscle breakdown occurs when muscles increase in size as a result of rapid blood circulation and oxygen delivery throughout the body. This significantly affects athletes suffering from injuries who aren’t able to get back on their feet for extended periods.

According to a study, 2 one-hour sauna therapy sessions every week can result in a 2-5 times increase in human growth hormone production. As a result, your muscle’s integrity remains intact.

A Boosted Nervous System

Regular sauna therapy increases the functioning ability of our nervous system. It boosts the brain-derived neurotropic factor and activates the regeneration of new brain cells. With an improved neuroplasticity, your brain begins forming new neural connections and signals, helping you focus and concentrate more effectively.

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