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    4 Things to Know About Finnleo Saunas

    By Stephanie Chabot October 26, 2020

    4 Things to Know About Finnleo Saunas

    The Finnish people have understood the powerful benefits of sauna for centuries—and they’ve been renowned for their own sauna innovation for just as long. 

    Enter Finnleo, a leader in both traditional and infrared saunas that you might have encountered throughout your research. The manufacturer’s parent company, TyloHelo World Group, has been based in Finland since 1919. They are the largest sauna and steam bath company in the world with a manufacturing plant in Minnesota.

    Finnleo strives to deliver a safe and authentic sauna experience. According to company, they source their wood responsibly from northern forests and engineer their infrared heaters with ultra low electromagnetic field (EMF) levels. 

    Today, we’re exploring Finnleo’s infrared saunas to help you decide if they are the right choice for you and your lifestyle.

    What Goes Into Finnleo Infrared Saunas?

    For our Finnleo saunas review, we looked at the four most important areas of sauna design: 

    • Infrared heaters
    • Efficiency 
    • Wood and assembly
    • Luxuries and conveniences

    Infrared Sauna Heaters

    Finnleo infrared saunas are built with their CarbonFlex® heating panels from floor to ceiling. The carbon emitters are said to have EMF levels far below even Sweden’s strict radiation standards. 

    Additionally, the large size of the Finnleo sauna heaters and their exclusive EvenHeat™ system evenly distribute the heat to ensure that your entire body is warmed consistently. This produces a comfortable sauna bath and the optimal infrared wavelength. 

    Fast & Efficient

    With the simple tap of the touchscreen control, Finnleo’s Pure Infra saunas heat up within about 10 minutes. They are also said to use up to 20% less energy than many others in the market. You can expect to pay about $3 to $5 per month for your Finnleo infrared sauna.

    Finnleo Infrared Sauna

    Wood & Assembly

    Each Finnleo infrared sauna model is built completely  with furniture-grade Canadian Hemlock. This includes the pre-built benches. The exterior surfaces of the sauna are finished with a biodegradable wood treatment, which makes for a sleek look and easy cleaning. 

    The sauna walls are pre-fabricated to allow for fast, easy assembly with no tools required. The wall panels mount onto the easy-fit base, followed by the easy-fit ceiling panel. Then comes the easy plug-in installation of the heaters, sound system, and lights. Finally, the sauna simply needs to be plugged into a 120 volt household outlet and it will be up and running. 

    Luxury & Convenience

    Finnleo infrared saunas feature technology and conveniences to guarantee a seamless and luxurious sauna experience time after time, including: 

    • TouchPad control system: Easily control and adjust sauna operation (on/off, time, and temperature), lighting options, and sound system
    • Bluetooth sound system: Relax to your favorite tunes or soundscapes
    • 3 different lighting options: Chromotherapy, reading, and valance lighting

    Whether you want to listen to your favorite music or podcast or take in a good book under the gentle reading lights, Finnleo’s Pure Infra saunas allow you to enjoy your sweat however you like.

    How Do Health Mate Saunas Compare?

    After our research and comparison, USA Health and Wellness has concluded that although a Finnleo sauna is a decent option, a Health Mate sauna is a stronger choice. But don’t just take our word for it, check out more about this American 

    41-Year History

    As the first to introduce an infrared sauna to the United States, Health Mate has quite the track record and experience. In fact, they have been manufacturing saunas since 1979 and has a long history of innovative, durable saunas and very happy customers.

    Combination Infrared Heaters

    While many claim that ceramic infrared heaters cause inconsistent heating with “cold spots” or “hot spots” throughout the sauna, Health Mate mitigates this issue by using a combination of their patented carbon and ceramic heaters.

    The Tecoloy™ ceramic emitters and TruInfra carbon heaters create full-circle dual wave heat so that your entire body feels the complete benefits of infrared heating. Health Mate’s Tecoloy heater delivers up to 40% deeper penetration than the leading carbon heater and is the only one to be UL listed. 

    As the TruInfra and Tecoloy heaters deliver mid- and far-infrared heat, the LED panel on the ceiling produces near-infrared wavelengths for even more health benefits. Enjoy a true full-spectrum infrared experience without the wait—Health Mate has the fastest to-temperature heat time!

    Extremely Low EMF

    You won’t have to worry about health and safety when it comes to your Health Mate sauna, either. The manufacturer boasts ultra low EMF levels in all of their infrared saunas. They have even published the third-party test results to show just how safe these units really are.

    Health Mate Infrared Saunas

    Quality & Technology

    Health Mate infrared saunas are both durable and beautiful, with an option to suit every home. Their high-quality materials and technology include:

    • Western Red Cedar: Responsibly sourced from Canada because of its curative, antimicrobial properties
    • Bluetooth: Easily play your favorite sounds, audiobooks, or podcasts.
    • Floor heater: Optional upgrade to maximize your sauna experience
    • Chromotherapy: Color light therapy for an extra soothing bath
    • Ergonomic benches: Adjust your seating position for the ultimate comfort.

    Health Mate infrared saunas include options and features for every home and lifestyle to help elevate your wellness.

    For added peace of mind, Health Mate provides a competitive warranty and amazing customer service. Browse our selection of Health Mate infrared saunas or contact our experts today at 207-619-4291 to learn more and find your perfect sauna today!

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