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closeup of an allergic woman with eczema dry nose and lips in winter

5 Effective Techniques to Treat a Dry Nose at Home

With winters just around the corner, we’re already seeing some trademark symptoms of the weather, including the dreaded dry nose.

Fortunately, while having a dry nose can be uncomfortable—or even painful at times—there are some quick remedies that can help you treat the problem at home. Let’s take a look:

1. Apply Petroleum Jelly

Apply a tiny dab of petroleum jelly to the dry area on top and the inside lining of your nose. In small amounts, this keeps the nose moisturized. It’s also not enough to create problems if ingested.
Avoid using petroleum jelly too frequently or applying larger quantities at one time, as it can cause lung problems.

2. Sleep with a Humidifier

A dry mist humidifier can increase humidity levels in your bedroom, which can be soothing to irritated nasal passages. Place the humidifier in the center of the room and away from furniture or walls. This will help you get the maximum benefit without the excess moisture causing damage to wooden surfaces.

3. Use a Nasal Spray

Over-the-counter nasal sprays can be used to keep nasal passages wet. Plus, they help remove any dirt, dust, or pollen that may be causing congestion. Be careful not to overuse nasal sprays, as they can damage nasal tissues—in some cases, they can even cause long-term stuffiness and swelling.

4. Apply Damp Wipes

Use a damp facial tissue and wipe along the dry area of your nostrils to prevent the skin from drying out. Baby wipes are also a good alternative, as they are designed for cleaning sensitive areas without over-drying the skin.

: Inside a wooden sauna, towel, candle and bucket

5. Try a Sauna Session

A quick sauna session can help you relieve a dry nose. The warm, humid air in a sauna can work wonders for the overall dryness and skin problems caused by the cold weather. You can add essential oils, such as lavender or sandalwood, to your sauna routine, as they’re known to alleviate dry skin problems.

Enjoy More Health Benefits with a Home Infrared Sauna

Infrared saunas have more incredible health benefits too! Studies show that saunas can boost your health through detoxification, improved cardiovascular function, skin rejuvenation, improved immune system, and enhanced stress management.

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