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Therasauna Review: 7 Reasons Why TheraSauna is an Infrared Therapy Sauna Innovator

Therasauna Review: 7 Reasons Why TheraSauna is an Infrared Therapy Sauna Innovator

TheraSauna Four Person Infrared SaunaWhen it comes to quality and innovative technology, there is no one in the sauna industry like TheraSauna®. This infrared therapy sauna manufacturer was pioneered by QCA Spas, is one of the oldest spa companies in America. QCA Spas has been developing patented spa therapy since 1966, with the mission of relieving pain and promoting healthier lifestyles. This same mission applies to every TheraSauna creation.

TheraSauna is one of the only brands that fully designs and handcrafts all of its products in the United States. Additionally, the infrared sauna innovator has several patents and patents-pending that set these units apart from the competition—including the only fully ceramic sauna heaters in the country

Read on to discover seven ways TheraSauna stands apart from the competition and leads the industry in sauna innovation!

1. Made 100% in the USA

For a reliable infrared sauna fully made in the USA, look to TheraSauna. Their headquarters and manufacturing warehouse is located in Iowa. They keep all design and engineering in America to ensure quality and they are constantly researching and innovating. TheraSauna also has warehouses in Wisconsin and Europe to distribute globally.

Are you concerned about sauna safety? TheraSauna has been ETL tested and approved in both the US and Canada (under their company name, Quad Cities Automatic Pools, Inc.). They have even applied with the Food and Drug Administration under Infrared Health Devices. 

With a TheraSauna Infrared Health Sauna, you can be sure you’re getting an exceptionally safe, high-quality product.

2. Non-toxic Aspen Wood

When we say TheraSauna products are fully made in the USA, we mean from start to finish! The manufacturer even has a tree farm in Wisconsin where they grow the very aspen wood used to make their saunas.

Safety, of course, is a major concern when using a sauna. That’s why TheraSauna builds theirs with aspen hardwood, which has no health effects. 

Wondering why the wood type matters? Infrared energy penetrates both your skin and the wood of your sauna, so it is vital to use a safe wood. 

Some woods, like cedar and redwood, contain a natural insecticide called terpene. When the naturally occurring oils within the wood are heated, they release a gas called cedrine. This dangerous substance attacks the nervous system of insects and kills them, and has been shown to cause vomiting and convulsions in humans.

Aspen wood, on the other hand, is a clear wood grown at elevations where trees do not produce insecticides. TheraSauna carefully selects its wood and ensures that it is always furniture grade. This means the saunas are built with extremely thick and durable wood that is about two to three times thicker than the competition.

3. MPS Touchview™ 3.0 Control

TheraSauna MPS Control Screen

Manage every aspect of your sauna experience right from the patented Micron Power Select (MPS) Touchview™, an Android touchscreen. This is where you’ll adjust the temperature, time, MPS levels, and more. You can even preheat your sauna and save your favorite presets for the perfect sweat every time.

Immerse yourself in a truly relaxing experience with built-in sound therapy, which you can control from the Audio screen. This offers five unique music tracks featuring nature sounds, allowing you to select one or a mix of all five.

The MPS is also where you’ll set each heating zone exactly as you want it. Choose from 15 power level options for the six TheraMitter Banks to achieve maximum comfort. You can add time to the sauna session and increase or decrease the set temperature for each corresponding number on the diagram.

Don’t worry about waiting in a cold sauna, either. The preheat option, available in both MPS and SpectraWave Mode, heats your sauna to your set temperature by putting the TheraMitter heaters at 100%. Once the desired temp is reached, the TheraMitters will be automatically set to proper percentages. 

4. TheraMitters™ Solid Ceramic Heaters 

TheraSauna’s TheraMitters are unlike traditional ceramic sauna heaters. These patent-pending units are made of solid ceramic and are different from tubular ceramic heaters that consist of wire and metal thinly coated with ceramic. TheraSauna is the only major sauna manufacturer in the US to offer true high-glass content, solid ceramic heaters with no metal rods. This is something to be aware of when researching sauna heaters.

These unique heaters are more efficient and safer to use in a sauna than tubular ceramic or carbon fiber heaters. TheraMitters have a 96% efficiency and come with a lifetime warranty. 

5. Stable Heat™ System

TheraSauna’s Stable Heat™ System creates a more effective and efficient sauna session every time. This patented technology adjusts the temperature of the TheraMitters throughout the session to keep a steady temperature and micron range. 

The far-infrared level still reaches 9.4 microns and penetrates up to 2 inches below the skin. The unique design of the TheraMitters maintains this optimal range for human absorption. 

The result? You’ll enjoy more infrared in 20 minutes than you would during a 40-minute session in another type of sauna. TheraSaunas leave no cold spots during operation and do not vent plastics and carbon fibers into the sauna cabinet, unlike many other brands. 

Plus, carbon saunas only reach a surface temperature of 230℉ then turn off. This means the air temperature decreases and the infrared range is significantly less effective. Instead of turning off, TheraSauna’s Stable Heat System powers down and sends a trickle charge of electricity to maintain the surface temperature of the TheraMitters to maintain the level of 9.4 microns.

6. 7 Day Programmable Control

Gone are the days of sitting in a cold sauna and waiting for it to warm up! TheraSauna’s patented 7 Day Programmable Control allows you to set a time for your sauna to turn on Monday through Sunday. Whether you prefer to soak first thing in the morning or right when you get home from work, you can program your sauna to be ready for you.

Keep everyone happy by setting a schedule for two users. And don’t worry, the computer memory will maintain your schedule even if a power failure occurs.

7. SpectraWave™ Function

Are you looking for a sauna that provides the benefits of full-spectrum infrared? The SpectraWave™ function is TheraSauna’s innovative solution to your health needs. 

This mode tells the sauna to move through a specific infrared spectrum. The computer will scroll through eight different pre-selected power settings, moving to a new setting every two minutes. This is how the TheraSauna produces near, middle, and far-infrared energy. 

An Unrivaled Infrared Therapy Sauna

TheraSauna Corner 3 Person Infrared SaunaIt’s clear from TheraSauna’s number of patents and constant innovation how much the manufacturer cares about producing a safe and powerful sauna that you can enjoy for many years to come. Their convenient MPS system, high-quality wood, and solid ceramic TheraMitter heaters are just a few reasons we highly recommend this reputable brand!

In fact, USA Health and Wellness carries a variety of TheraSauna infrared therapy saunas and accessories, with something for every home and lifestyle. Whether you’re ready to shop our selection or you have more questions about these impressive units, contact our sauna specialists today at 207-619-4291!

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