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a woman inside a barrel of water.

All the Reasons You Absolutely Need a Barrel Sauna at Your New Home

Sauna baths are the perfect way to relax and take a much-needed break from the fast-paced lives we live today. The good news is that you no longer have to visit your nearby gym or spa for a sauna bath. Indulge in the same experience right at your home by installing a barrel sauna in your backyard. 

These saunas add a unique element to your backyard. They have an ingenious design with a cylindrical shape.

Today, sauna manufacturers build barrel saunas using numerous wooden planks, assembling them in a circular manner. They adopted this design from Finnish immigrants who built wooden water towers that resembled wine barrels in a coopered shaped.

Keep on reading to learn why barrel saunas are a great addition to your home.

Faster Heating

A square-shaped and a barrel-shaped circular sauna have numerous differences. You can fit a circular sauna into a square-shaped space without any hassle. Plus, a traditional sauna creates extra space, forcing the heater to heat the unused area, leading to increased energy consumption.

A barrel sauna, on the other hand, provides an appropriate amount of usable space for heaters without leaving space for extra areas. As a result, the sauna room heats up faster.

In fact, all you need is 45 minutes for the barrel sauna to reach its optimum heat levels.

a wooden room

An Even Heat Distribution

Due to the rising nature of heat, a relatively hotter sauna ceiling is inevitable in a sauna room. Many people with square-shaped saunas struggle to experience the ultimate heat levels because the heat traps at the top and fails to reach the room’s lower parts

A barrel sauna conveniently solves this problem because of its curvature. The circular room shape pushes the heat downwards, allowing it to seep back into the sauna along with new heat production.

As a result, people in the sauna room experience an event heat distribution through the bath without disruptions.

A Low-Maintenance Outdoor Sauna

Sauna manufacturers like Healthmate and Saunacore build barrel saunas for outdoor installation purchases because it sheds water naturally. Their robust structures can resist intense temperatures and snow loads.

Moreover, the polymer-based sauna cradles allow you to install barrel saunas on any flat surface in your backyard without a falling risk. Its structural integrity enables it to resist water and insects. This means that you won’t have to invest a lot in its maintenance and cleanliness.

a woman inside a sauna

Looking to install the perfect barrel sauna? Check out the barrel saunas for sale at USA Health & Wellness, and find the safest and most reliable products to add to your yard’s curb appeal. Browse through our wide range of barrel and other outdoor saunas and purchase them today!

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