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All You Need to Know About Saunacore’s Sauna Heaters & Technology

All You Need to Know About Saunacore’s Sauna Heaters & Technology

All You Need to Know About Saunacore’s Sauna Heaters & Technology

Far-infrared heat offers many health benefits because it penetrates deeper into our bodies than other forms of heat. It causes more efficient perspiration and helps eliminate toxins from the body. It’s no wonder that so many people now opt for infrared saunas to elevate their wellness! 

That said, not all infrared saunas are created equal. Most models on the market emit less than 60% of their heat in far-infrared form, and some even less than 20%. 

Sounds like a lot of wasted energy—and an ineffective investment, right? When selecting your infrared sauna, be sure it emits over 90% of its total heat in far-infrared form.

This is where the unique Saunacore heaters come in. The Canadian manufacturer stands out among the sauna industry thanks to its commitment to quality and innovation, which are both evident in its Infra-Core™ technology. Saunacore has been using the same ceramic concave emitters for 20 years, despite other available heater options.

Read on to learn more about the powerful yet safe Infra-Core heaters, Optimization Cooling System, and Infra-Floor™.

Infra-Core Sauna Heaters


These Saunacore infrared sauna heaters are made of solid ceramic and housed in a surgical stainless steel housing with a stainless steel deflector and shields. The ceramic emitters produce infrared heat similar to sunlight, meaning the heat won’t be affected by drafts and open spaces. Like sunshine, this heat travels in wavelengths toward any object to be absorbed.

Saunacore Infra-Core Infrared Sauna Heaters

The Infra-Core emitters are extremely reliable and efficient because they are made from a special ceramic that encases the heating wire and the entire assembly is sealed with a protective glaze. With one of the highest glass content levels in the industry, the heaters have unobstructed transmission and output of far-infrared heat. In fact, Saunacore’s infrared saunas boast a heating efficiency of about 96% to 97%!

So, what’s with the concave shape?

This design ensures the infrared heat is dispersed in a 180° pattern, effectively covering every square inch inside the sauna. You’ll enjoy the health benefits of deep far-infrared penetration in its purest form, from head to toe.


Electromagnetic fields (EMF) are a combination of invisible electric and magnetic fields of force that, above certain levels, can cause negative health effects. 

Safety is a top concern for Saunacore, which is why they have engineered their products with the lowest EMF levels in the industry. The Infra-Core heaters have been tested by a third party that found an average EMF reading of 0.1 to 0.2—practically non-existent and well below the recognized level of risk!

Saunacore’s emitters are manufactured to fully comply with all EEC electromagnetic compatibility requirements in Europe and North America. The low EMF output is thanks to the low wattage requirements as well as the thickness and density of the emitters. Additionally, the nichrome wire is cast directly into the ceramic in a concentrated pattern that loops back and forth, producing a highly effective far-infrared output but canceling the EMF output.


When making a significant investment in your health, you’ll want to enjoy that ROI (i.e., health benefits) for as long as possible. Fortunately, the Infra-Core emitters have an estimated life of 10,000 operational hours. They are easy to clean and designed with splash-proof and non-corrosive materials. 

With a bit of simple care, your sauna will keep you sweating for years to come.

Infra-Core Optimization Cooling System

Infra-Core is more than just a heater—it’s an entire system that works together to deliver the ultimate sauna experience. This includes the Optimization Cooling System.

Did you know that far-infrared saunas function at a much lower and more comfortable temperature than traditional saunas? Saunacore’s heater reaches a max temperature of 1292°F. 

Low wattage ceramic emitters need to remain cool to ensure a long-wavelength penetration throughout your entire sauna experience. Heaters with higher wattages increase surface temperatures dramatically, producing a conventional heat instead of far-infrared heat.

Saunacore Infra-Core Optimization Cooling System

The Infra-Core Premium and Max series saunas include the Optimization Cooling System to prevent just that. It allows long wavelengths to be reached and maintained, offering higher levels of far-infrared penetration and better health benefits.

Two Options

The best part is that you can turn the Opti-Cool system on or off depending on your health needs. 

When turned on, the system delivers far-infrared heat, effective for weight loss, blood pressure reduction, detoxification, deep penetration, and ultimate relaxation. 

For a mid- or near-infrared heat sauna experience, turn off the Opti-Cool system to enjoy pain relief, improved blood circulation, cell health, and skin rejuvenation.


The third piece of Infra-Core technology is the Infra-Floor. This is an optional add-on available for Max and Premium Infrared Saunas.

Heat energy is always drawn to cold objects, so if you are standing on a cold sauna floor or sitting on a cool bench, your body will cool down. This is the opposite of what we want to happen in the sauna!

Saunacore Infra-Core Infra-Floor

With the Infra-Floor, the floor of your sauna will emit an evenly soothing warm radiant heat. This warms the floor and objects in the room which prevents your body from losing heat to cold objects in the sauna. It’s also aesthetically pleasing, featuring a decorative ceramic tile that flows beautifully with the rest of the handcrafted Canadian-made cedar or poplar sauna cabin.

Just like the rest of Saunacore’s components, the Infra-Floor is safe, effective, and durable. Enjoy:

  • Zero EMF
  • Full and even floor coverage
  • Low wattage (Approximately 12 watts per square foot)

When it comes to infrared saunas, there is nothing quite like Saunacore’s Infra-Core technology. Efficient yet effective, powerful yet safe, these innovative elements will guarantee you a thorough sauna bath and many health benefits. 

Browse our Saunacore Luxury Sauna collection or contact us today at 207-619-4291 to learn more about the manufacturer’s technology and add-on options!

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