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A man with back pain

Back Pain Treatment: How an Infrared Sauna Can Help

Back pain is the leading cause of disability across the globe; it prevents people from participating and engaging in everyday activities, and impacts people from all walks of life, ages, and backgrounds. It’s also one of the most common reasons why Americans visit the doctor's office with other health problems, including joint pain and skin diseases.

Studies also show that most causes of back pain are not related to an illness such as arthritis, inflammation, cancer, or fractures. Treatments for back pain can vary; however, in the wake of an opioid epidemic, it's important to consider alternative therapies for back pain.

Infrared saunas have a range of health benefits that makes them ideal for treating back pain. Here are some of the ways in which this low-risk treatment can help you alleviate back pain.

Regular sauna use makes it easier to sleep more.

One of the benefits of infrared saunas is that just a fifteen-minute session can help you fix your circadian rhythm. It relaxes your body and helps it cool down, especially if you take a quick shower after your sauna session.

This makes it easier for your body to get ready for bed and squeeze in extra hours of much-needed slumber. This is important, because back pain is sometimes caused by irregular or insufficient sleep.

A woman sleeping

Infrared rays target the back.

One of the benefits of infrared saunas is that it allows you to focus on your body. Unlike steam saunas, where most heat dissipates into the air, infrared saunas direct the heat to your body, which makes them more effective.

They also ensures that your back is getting sufficient heat, so you can reap other benefits, including improved blood circulation and stress relief.

Soothe muscle tension

Regular use of the sauna, especially after a long day of sitting at work or an intense workout, can help ease muscle tension and treat localized back pain. It helps you feel more relaxed, as well.

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