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Can Children Use Sauna Baths? Everything Parents Need to Know

Children can use and, in fact, benefit from infrared sauna baths. Low-EMF, infrared saunas offer non-toxic thermal therapy, helping children get rid of harmful body pollutants and heavy metals without side effects.

The author Jill Harrison wrote an article about the benefits of infrared saunas among children with autism spectrum disorders. Some of the heavy metals that disrupt an autistic child’s detoxification process are lead, mercury, and cadmium. According to Harrison, non-toxic heat therapy from infrared sauna baths can improve children’s symptoms by potentially enhancing their eye contact abilities and verbal communication, better sleeping schedules, and improved cognitive skills.

While traditional and infrared saunas can benefit your child, here are some guidelines you should follow when your children are sauna bathing.

Adult Supervision

Saunas are rejuvenating and refreshing. However, they can also put children at an increased risk of accidents, including slips, burns, and falls. Therefore, it’s critical to supervise your kids and guide them in dealing with such hazards.

Accompany your children to their sauna baths until you’re sure they’re responsible enough to enjoy sauna baths independently. Besides, having family sauna sessions is a great way to have some quality family time.

Check the Age Limits

You must take the necessary precautions to keep your children safe in the sauna. It’s best to restrict heat exposure for kids under eight years of age because their bodies can’t regulate heat efficiently.

Prevent the risk of burns by sitting on lower level benches and keeping the sauna steam minimal. Provide cool water in a tub or basin to help them cool off as required.

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Avoid Prolonged Sauna Sessions

Young kids don’t have a developed heat regulation system, which means they shouldn’t have extended sauna sessions like adults. Kids under three years should only have 3-5 minutes of heat exposure, while mid-teens can spend up to 15 minutes inside a sauna.

Children above 15 years of age can spend more time sauna bathing by taking multiple shower breaks and repairing sauna cycles.

Choose a Larger Sauna Room 

If you’re bringing your kids into the sauna room with you, it’s best to purchase a larger sauna kit that can accommodate more people. A larger space with even heat distribution will help keep the sweat to yourself without the unhealthy exchange of toxins between you and the kids.

Fortunately, you can now purchase saunas for up to 5 persons to enjoy sauna baths with your family and friends.

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If you think your kids can’t handle a traditional sauna’s heat, purchasing an infrared sauna can be a smart choice. In fact, the low EFL levels of infrared saunas with a more concealed heat source protect the kids from burns and other accidents.

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