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Ceramic vs.Carbon Heater Saunas: Which Is Right For You?

Modern infrared saunas have two kinds of heat panels: ceramic and carbon heaters. When looking for infrared saunas online, buyers often come across these two types and are unsure which one is better for their use.

Ceramic heaters have a hollow 650mm long rod with a heating element around a glass tube. It supplies heat throughout the sauna kit by emitting it through infrared light rays. On the other hand, carbon heaters are extensive flat panels with a diverse size range. Some of these are 900mm long, while others are even 1000 mm long. These panels encompass most of the cabin’s surface area, unlike ceramic heaters.

While sauna suppliers and manufacturers today provide infrared saunas with both kinds of heaters, it all comes down to your personal preference. Here are a few differentiating factors between carbon and ceramic infrared heaters.


Infrared sauna prices vary according to their sizes and features. Carbon heaters are technologically superior to ceramic heaters. Therefore, their advanced technology makes them a lot pricier than infrared saunas with ceramic panels.

If you’re looking for a relatively cheaper infrared sauna, you should consider purchasing one with ceramic heaters. However, keep in mind that it’d cost you more in the long run with constant maintenance and replacement requirements.

Heat Distribution

The optimum sauna experience relies on an even heat distribution throughout the session. Unfortunately, ceramic heaters don’t guarantee an equal heat supply in the entire room because the heat emits at a higher temperature near the heating source than in other areas. However, ceramic heaters can be handy for people who want to use sauna baths to heal a particular body part.

Carbon heaters offer an even heat distribution throughout the sauna, making it ideal for large saunas. For instance, if you’re checking out a 4 or 5-person sauna for sale, then it’s best to go with a sauna that has carbon heater. The longer-wavelength through the infrared lights seeps into the body deeply, detoxifying it more efficiently.

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Warm-Up Time

Ceramic heaters heat the sauna instantly. In fact, it’s the sole reason why many avid sauna bathers purchase infrared saunas with ceramic heaters. Ceramic panels can radiate heat at excessively high rates, allowing the sauna room to heat up within 10 minutes or less before one begins a bathing session.

According to studies, carbon heaters take relatively longer than 25 minutes to heat the sauna. Despite an extended warm-up period, they provide intensive heat with efficient sweating to the body.

Bottom Line

Conclusively, both carbon and ceramic heat panels have their pros and cons. The best infrared saunas on the market come with both carbon and ceramic heaters. Ultimately, the decision depends on your usage and efficiency. For smaller, targeted heat treatments, ceramic panel sauna might work better, while carbon heaters work better for larger saunas and extended use.

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