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Create a Romantic Valentine’s Day Spa Date at Home

February is officially here, and with all the hype about Valentine’s Day, love is in the air. 82% of people prefer spending Valentine’s Day with a loved one instead of being alone. In fact, according to an AARP survey in 2018, 63% of respondents thought spending time with friends or a romantic partner was the most meaningful way to spend the holiday.

While most people go out for conventional date nights every Valentine’s Day, plan a better night by staying indoors this year. Pampering yourself and your partner and indulging in some much-needed therapy using spa essentials like masks, scented candles, and infrared saunas is the perfect way to show affection to your partner.

Here’s how you can plan the ideal at-home spa date this Valentine’s Day.

Create an Ambiance

A spa night isn’t complete without the perfect ambiance and soothing scents in the air. Buy some refreshing scented candles for your home. Consider choosing smells that remind you and your partner of some of the best memories. Begin your evening on a high note by dimming the lights and enjoying the aroma around you. 

The perfect way to have a self-care night is to turn off your cellphones and live in the moment.

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Mask it Up

We all love a good skincare night, and a spa date is just the right time to take care of each other’s skin. A face mask treatment is soothing and comforting, and most of all, it’s the perfect accessory to put on before watching your favorite movie.

If you and your partner feel adventurous, you can always make your own mask formulas using DIY recipes. It’s the best way to unleash your creativity on a stay-at-home Valentine’s Day night.

End it With a Sauna Bath

There’s no other way to relieve your stress other than simply stressing it out. Infrared sauna baths induce deep relaxation and, of course, help your bodily functions by easing muscle tension and stimulating the lymphatic system to excrete toxins. 

A 30-minute sauna bath session with refresh your mind, body, and soul, preparing you to hustle as you return to everyday life. Most importantly, it’ll make your partner love you even more!

You can take the sauna baths up a notch by lathering your body with scented massage oil before hopping into your 2-person infrared sauna kit. Rose and rose geranium scents are the perfect floral scents for Valentine’s Day.

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Looking for residential saunas to arrange your ultimate Valentine’s Day spa night? Check out some of the infrared saunas online at USA Health & Wellness. We provide infrared saunas for up to 5 persons with multiple heating options. Visit our website or contact our representative to learn more!

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