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A woman relaxing inside a Healthmate infrared sauna

Distinguishing Between Far and Near Infrared Saunas

Infrared saunas have gained massive popularity over time. They’ve become an integral part of gyms, spas, and salons, to other wellness and self-care settings. Many people find infrared saunas beneficial for their physical and psychological wellbeing. Inside a sauna, your sweat glands are activated, resulting in escalated toxin excretion and fat burning process. The infrared radiations penetrate under your skin and help your body rejuvenate and get rid of dead cells.

Infrared saunas offer a more relaxing and comforting experience than traditional saunas. They’re made to cater to difference types of bodily needs and characteristics. If you’re searching for infrared saunas online, you must’ve come across near and far infrared saunas.

Read on as we reveal detail out the two hot-selling infrared sauna types.

What Is Infrared?

Before we begin, we’d like to brush up your knowledge about the infrared technology. Infrared heat is an invisible portion of the sun’s spectrum that can gently penetrate the human skin. It doesn’t cause skin burns, rashes, or irritation due to its mild intensity.

As compared to traditional saunas, infrared saunas offer a more relaxing heated atmosphere. They typically operate within the range of 100 to 150 Fahrenheit. By varying the wavelengths of infrared rays, manufacturers have developed near, far, and mid infrared saunas that offer various benefits to the human body.

Near Infrared Sauna

Near infrared sauna emit heat waves that have shorter frequency, thereby penetrating the skin’s epidermis. People who like to reap the rejuvenating benefits of sauna therapies use this type.

Near infrared rays are also used in different cosmetic procedure devices and the same technology is used inside saunas to help the user achieve a refreshed, glowing skin

An infrared sauna for 5 persons

Far Infrared         

Far infrared saunas directly heat your body instead of warming up the air. It penetrates into the core layers of skin and produces a deep detoxifying effect. Far infrared saunas are designed to cater the users who want to detoxify and cleanse their bodies at the cellular level. In a far infrared sauna, a larger chunk of heat goes to your body while the remaining suspends in the air. These saunas are more tolerable and enjoyable because they don’t heat up the air around you.

Are Near and Far Infrared Saunas Safe?

Short answer, yes they are.

As beneficial as infrared saunas are, they don’t’ follow the one-type-fits-all rule. It’s important to check your options and choose what suits your body in the best way.

Whether you opt for a near or a far infrared sauna, keep an eye on your body temperature. Stay hydrated. Infrared saunas are incredibly safe and beneficial for the human body because they don’t produce oppressive heat like their traditional alternatives.

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