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A woman giving a wrapped gift to her friend.

Gift Ideas for the Sauna Lover in Your Life

If the sauna lover in your life is turning a year older, this is the perfect opportunity for you to let them know how much they mean to you. Perhaps a chromotherapy upgrade would make a sauna aficionado’s birthday complete, while the occasional sauna go-er would love a massage gun!

Here are the top three gift ideas for you that your sauna enthusiast will thank you for.  

Titan Massage Gun

After an intense workout, muscles can get tense and stiff because the body is in a heightened state. Although post-workout relaxation in the sauna is an ideal option, there will be occasions when they’re in a hurry. For times like this, a hand-held massage gun helps calm the nervous system, relieves muscle stiffness and soreness, while promoting blood flow. The quicker you fire up your parasympathetic nervous system—which helps govern relaxation—the sooner your body shifts into recovery mode.

This battery-operated massager is ideal for carrying around anywhere and comes in a sleek black design with an LCD screen—the perfect gift for any occasion!

Aroma Mate Upgrade for Health Mate Saunas

A sauna session is incomplete without aromatherapy. People use essential oils for aromatherapy, and it’s incorporated in homeopathic remedies to reducing stress, eliminate pain, prevent depression, promote better sleep, and soothe sore muscles. 
If your sauna lover has a Health Mate Sauna, this upgrade will bring a smile to their face! Spending time in an infrared sauna is relaxing on its own, but their experience can be enhanced further by incorporating essential oils. Our white ceramic essential oil holder comes with a wooden frame that can be installed in the sauna.
At the end of a busy, stressful day, they can add a few drops to the oil cup. Then sit back and relax in the sauna while the aroma of the oil stimulates their nervous system, creating a cool refreshing effect that eliminates exhaustion and mental sluggishness. 

: A woman enjoying aromatherapy in a sauna.

Chromotherapy Bluetooth Smart LED Light Bulb With Infrared Remote

Chromotherapy uses colors to adjust body vibrations to frequencies that result in health and harmony. Each color possesses a frequency of specific vibrations, and each vibration is related to different physical symptoms. Adding chromotherapy to infrared sauna use helps in balancing the body’s energy wherever it’s lacking.

This LED bulb is an excellent upgrade for Thera Sauna models. Its breathtaking stereo sound with crystal highs, crisp mid, and rich bass help elevate any sauna session. Equipped with advanced Bluetooth 3.0 technology and compatible with all Bluetooth capacity devices, the speaker bulb will automatically reconnect to the last device used. It can be controlled via remote to fit the mood, relax the mind!

If you’re thinking big, then a personal infrared sauna will be a gift to remember!  Reach out to us at USA Health and Wellness, and we’ll get you a great deal on our range of premium quality infrared saunas and traditional saunas. For more information, call us at 207-619-4291. 

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