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Health Mate sauna for sale

Health Mate Sauna: Why You Should Invest in One?

When looking for a high quality sauna for personal use, you need to keep various pre-purchase considerations in mind. No two sauna manufacturers are the same, but Health Mate cuts above all.

Health Mate is a medically recommended and well-known sauna manufacturer with an extensive track of happy clients and raving reviews scattered across the web. The company’s expertise and quality craftsmanship is unparalleled to any other. Their robust and holistic product line includes everything from 5-persons sauna to infrared sauna range to match various needs of customers.

Let’s dig deeper and learn all the reasons why you should invest in a Health Mate Sauna.

Vast Track Record

Health Mate saunas date back to 1979. The company has manufactured over 200,000 infrared saunas till date and is still on the roll.

The company has always been dedicated to promoting health and wellness by playing an advancing role in the industry. In addition to a vast industry experience, Health Mate is known for manufacturing the only UL-rated sauna heaters in the US.

World-Class Quality

Health Mate saunas might seem expensive at first but they’re a great one-time investment. The excellent quality wood and heat systems sets the quality of Health Mate saunas apart from other brands. The company’s wooden saunas are much more efficient and effective than glass alternatives that lose about 50% of the total heat into the air.

Patented, Top-Notch Tecoloy Heater

Health Mate saunas are manufactured with robust, multifold quality control and assurance. And because the company is confident about the products, it offers a lifetime guarantee on its patented Tecoloy heater technology. This applies to all the products manufactured at the Health Mate factory regardless of their size, type, and function.

Equipped with Tecoloy heaters, Health Mate saunas offer 99.5% emissivity rate, which is the ability of a material to absorb and release infrared rays. These heaters produce a higher rate of heat energy that offer an extremely relaxing and rejuvenating sauna experience to the users.

A woman enjoying inside a HealthMate sauna

Buy Health Mate Infrared Sauna Online

If you’re interested in buying a Health Mate infrared sauna online at the best price, look no further than us! Our expansive range of saunas also offers Vital Health, and TheraSauna products along with many more.

We offer flexible financing options to help you stay under budget and choose the perfect sauna tailor-made to your preferences and needs. Contact us today for more details.

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