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Here’s Why Low-EMF Saunas are Better

Healing through heat is one of the most effective ways of achieving optimum wellness. Most people looking to improve their physical and psychological health often turn to infrared saunas to seek comfort.

Infrared saunas are excellent for reducing the risk of cardiovascular arrests, achieving stress relief, improving coronary health, and acquiring many other health benefits. However, it’s critical to examine a sauna’s design mechanism before purchasing it. EMFs play a massive role in this assessment.

Read on to learn why you must invest in a low-EMF sauna.

The Harms of EMF

Firstly, it’s crucial to understand what EMFs are and why they’re essential to consider. EMFs or Electromagnetic Fields are energy waves you find in everyday objects these days. They have frequencies below 300 cycles per second and are present in our nearest powerlines, television and laptop screens, microwave ovens, lights, and cellphones.

According to the Dean at the School of Public Health, State University of New York, Dr. David Carpenter, 30% of childhood cancers in the USA are an outcome of increased exposure to EMFs.

The harms posed by high EMF levels gained publicity in the early 1990s after alarming reports by the Wall Street Journal, Time, and Business Week. Today, most national and international guidelines mandate companies to employ low EMF levels when manufacturing products.

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Prevention of Health Risks

Most saunas with ceramic or carbon heaters have specific EMF levels for maximum heat therapy. While the proximity to EMFs may not seem alarming to some people, it’s a critical factor to consider due to EMFs’ health implications.

Infrared sauna therapy results in prolonged exposure to electromagnetic fields. As a result, they increase a sauna bather’s chances of developing leukemia, stress, infertility, cancer, and fatigue.

Safe Healing & Wellness

Most people purchase infrared saunas to take advantage of their healing and wellness benefits. Therefore, it’s essential to buy a low-EMF sauna that complies with domestic and international EMF guidelines to prevent the risk of health hazards.

Low-EMF saunas ensure a safe healing process with maximum heat and light exposure, without the risk of extreme EMF exposure, making sauna therapy as risk-free as possible.

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At USA Health & Wellness, we ensure all our saunas have the lowest-EMF levels to guarantee our consumers’ health & safety. You can now purchase an infrared sauna online by leading sauna brands by visiting our website today!

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