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Two women sitting in a sauna

Infrared Sauna Cleaning: 5 Care and Maintenance Tips for New Sauna Owners

An infrared sauna is an excellent investment to keep yourself healthy and fit. It can help you lose weight, improve your cardiovascular health, and detoxify your body. However, damp equipment can perform well only when it has been cleaned and maintained. The dead skin, hair, and sweat collected in your sauna can give it a musty smell and ruin its neat look.

With the following easy maintenance tips, you can ensure that your infrared sauna remains top-notch: 

Scrub the bench and walls after use

If you use your sauna every day, scrub the bench, backrest, and walls for approximately one minute after every use. Rinse them with water after scrubbing. But if you don't use it frequently, you can clean these areas once every week. It's better to get rid of the dirt and dust accumulated in the equipment as soon as possible to reduce the chances of skin irritation and other problems.

Vacuum the floor

The floor of your infrared sauna receives the most foot traffic. Hence, it's more prone to bacterial and fungal growth. Use a vacuum hand attachment to clean the dirt and debris in your sauna once every month. You can also use a mild sauna cleaning solution to mop the sauna floor now and then.

Green towels placed on a bench inside a sauna

Disinfect your sauna

Germs love moist and humid environments. Your sauna may become a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi if you don't disinfect it frequently. Use an alcohol-based solution to clean every nook and corner in your steamy solace thoroughly.

Never take foods and drinks in the sauna

You may like sipping a sweet margarita while you enjoy a sauna session, but nothing leaves tougher stains in your saunas like foods and drinks. These unpleasant marks can ruin your sauna's look and cost you expensive repairs. Hence, it's better to leave out your glasses before you enter your relaxing room.

Lay towels on the seats

Sweat marks are notorious for leaving ugly marks on sauna seats. You can prevent this by laying a towel on the bench before sitting down. Remember to wash these towels and sauna cushions frequently to avoid mold growth. If you think your sauna has started smelling bad, invest in some natural deodorants such as mint leaves, essential oils, and lemon instead of chemicals to improve the ambiance.

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