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 a man having chest pains and at risk for a heart attack

Sauna for Heart Health: How Does It Work?

In the US, someone suffers from a heart attack every 40 seconds. Moreover, every year, more than 805,000 US citizens have a heart attack. These statistics bring Americans' poor heart health into light, which is mainly due to bad lifestyle choices such as physical inactivity and excessive drinking, combined with medical conditions such as diabetes and obesity.

Saunas are a great solution for treating cardiovascular diseases and improving heart health. In this blog, we’ll explain how saunas help reduce the risk of heart attack and lower death rates.

Decreased blood pressure

If you’re at risk of elevated blood pressure, a sauna session can work wonders for your heart health. A study found that men who took a sauna bath four to seven times a week decreased their high blood pressure risk by almost 50 percent compared to men who went for sauna baths once a week.

Bathing in the sauna for 30 minutes helps lower both systolic and diastolic blood pressure from an average of 137 to 130 for systolic blood pressure and 82 to 75 for diastolic blood pressure.

Reduced arterial stiffness

Sauna baths also cause arteries to become more elastic, so they lose any stiffness they may be experiencing. The sauna's heat causes variations in pulse wave velocity, reducing it from 9.8 m/s to 8.6 m/s when tested immediately after a sauna session. This has many positive health implications.

people taking care of their heart health

Increased heart rate

The heat inside saunas causes the core body temperature to rise. This rise in temperature forces the heart to pump out more volume of blood per minute. Increased blood flow leads to an immediate increase in heart rate.

Improved blood circulation inside a body also allows the blood vessels to relax and lets more blood pass through the veins and arteries, causing oxygen to reach tissues and rejuvenate the cells quickly. A study found that a session in a sauna is equal to exercising for 30 minutes.

Both activities elevate the body's heart rate and cause more blood to flow throughout the body, energizing the person, and improving their overall health.
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