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women enjoying cold beer while sitting outside a sauna and wearing a bathrobe

Sauna Party: What is it, and How to Throw a Memorable One

There are different kinds of spa cultures all over the world. In the US, sauna parties have been on the rise.  There are mobile sauna parties and gatherings in backyards—and why wouldn’t there be? Saunas are all the hype with plenty of health benefits.

Here are some useful tips for making your sauna party the most memorable on the block.

.towel and bathrobe with a bath bomb and candle

Don’t serve alcohol

The only drink you should be serving (and drinking) at your sauna party is water! Alcoholic drinks can be detrimental to your health and they can dehydrate you in the sauna.
Serve drinks that will rehydrate the body quick, such as Gatorade or coconut water, so everyone can have a relaxing time in the sauna.

Collect everyone’s smartphones

Taking any kind of phone or technology inside an infrared sauna is a bad idea as it can mess with the hardware. It’s a good idea to use relaxing music as entertainment during the session or even to ditch all the technology and take the time to embrace a stress-free experience.

Schedule mandatory cool down time

Make sure that you have enough time to let everyone cool down before sending them home. If you’ve scheduled multiple sessions for people to use the sauna in, take into account enough time needed for them to cool off.
A minimum of 15 minutes should be spent in a cold shower to wash off all the sweat and toxins from the body. This is important because you don’t want your body to reabsorb the toxins and want to stay relaxed for longer.

Make the dress code loose clothing

Depending on how extravagant you want your party to be, you can design the appropriate loungewear for the event. From monogrammed robes that your guests can wear between sessions to loose clothing or bathing suits to wear during the sessions, go crazy!
At USA Health and Wellness, we believe that before jumping on any health and wellness trends, you should do your research. We’re committed to helping you find the perfect infrared sauna. For more information about our diverse range of products, feel free to get in touch with us today.
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