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Should You Use a Sauna or a Steam Bath After Your Workout?

Saunas and steam rooms are both popular and refreshing choices for people who want to sooth their muscles before or after an energetic and grueling workout. They both have numerous health benefits, Image alt text: A young woman enjoying a hot sauna which has made them a part of many people’s fitness routines, including a large number of celebrities.

In this blog, our experts weigh the two options to help you decide which is better for you for a post-workout routine that gives you significant results. Let’s look at the difference between a sauna and a steam bath before we begin. 
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Steam bath and sauna: what’s the difference?

The most apparent difference between the two is the way they’re heated.
Traditional saunas are heated using a unique stove where wooden planks are heated and then splashed with water to generate steam.
On the other hand, infrared saunas use electromagnetic radiation from infrared lamps to heat the body directly.
Steam baths and rooms use boiling water to create steam in the air.

What are the benefits?

They also have different purposes and health benefits. For example, steam rooms are commonly used to treat cold and allergy symptoms, as they open up airways. They also help you treat other respiratory systems and make your skin healthier.
Sauna baths have a wide range of benefits, including improving cardiovascular health by reducing blood pressure. They also stimulate the production of more feel-good hormones such as endorphins.
Using a sauna after a workout helps improve blood circulation and can make your muscles feel less sore.

What are some things you should consider before stepping in a sauna or steam room?

You should wait a minimum of ten minutes after you work out before you begin your sauna or steam session.
Make sure to drink plenty of water and take it with you in the sauna or steam room so you can keep sipping on it.
If you’re pregnant, have kidney or heart disease, or take medication, it’s best to avoid using saunas and steam rooms.
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