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Outdoor Sauna Aleko

The Ultimate Holiday Sauna Buying Guide

Winter chills are in the air and you know what means: Holiday season is almost here!

Though these holidays might be “socially distant”, you can still make the most of them in the warm comfort of your home. Here’s a list of the top three saunas, that you need this holiday season:

Outdoor Sauna

Outdoor Sauna Aleko

If you’re looking for a peaceful escape among nature, you can relax and enjoy the heat in your garden with these outdoor saunas. Just imagine soaking up in the healing heat therapy with picturesque views all around you—sounds perfect!

Traditional saunas have been around for thousands of years and are a top pick for many homeowners even today. The sauna is built from an attractive yet sturdy and resilient Candian Hemlock Wood, which will stand the test of time against the elements outside. Unlike indoor saunas, these don’t encroach on valuable space and can even double as a pool house!

We’ve got a variety of styles, colors, and types to choose from to best suit the needs of your outdoor space

Saunacore Infrared Sauna Horizon Econo

Infrared Sauna Saunacore

If you’re looking for smart home improvement, this one’s for you! Saunacore’s infrared sauna is luxurious, well-priced, and offers great value that far exceeds what you invest in it. 
Equipped with medical-grade infracore emitters, this heater provides some amazing health benefits. Its directional heat deflector and central opening grills offer the maximum level of concentrated radiant dispersion of infrared rays, directing heat into the sauna. It has a beautiful glazed finish, a dark-tinted glass door, and double-paneled walls with thick interiors and exteriors made with top-quality western red cedar. 
Designed to be extremely efficient and durable, Saunacore offers quick start-up times and features a digital command control to maximize relaxation.

Health Mate Renew 2 Person Sauna

Infrared Sauna Health Mate

For those on the lookout for a low EMF sauna, Health Mate’s Renew fits up to 2 people and is all about quality and affordability. 
The sauna is constructed with western red cedar wood and features one mirrored glass door, a wide bench with flat and ergonomic options, an interior shelf, a magazine holder, and a 5-year warranty. Comfort isn’t the only thing that makes this sauna so fantastic; it’s also aesthetically pleasing! The sauna also includes chromotherapy lighting to create the right ambiance for your relaxing winter evenings.
Plug in any audio to its high-quality sound system and aux to achieve the ultimate sauna experience!
Looking for a holiday home improvement? Reach out to us at USA Health and Wellness, and we’ll get you a great deal on our range of premium quality infrared saunas and traditional saunas.

For more information, call us at 207-619-4291

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