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a wooden sauna bench.

The Ultimate Infrared Sauna Purchasing Guide

Buying a sauna for your home is one of the most beneficial investments you can make for your house and long-term health. Regular sauna baths offer profound benefits that can enhance your overall lifestyle.

Once you’ve made up your mind to install an at-home infrared sauna, it can be challenging to find one that fits your needs. With the availability of various heater technologies, multiple timber choices, EMF levels, and accommodation capacities, purchasing your dream sauna can become a nightmare.

Here’s a quick guide for you to ensure you consider the following factors when purchasing an infrared sauna for your home.


Where it is Made 

Most Infrared Saunas are made in China. Most sauna manufacturers are not 100% honest about where their saunas are made. A lot of them will tell you ,well the wood is from Canada, and then its shipped to China. Typically if the wood is hemlock it is Chinese made, and if the heaters are carbon, then this is another sign that it is Chinese made.


Some of the Chinese saunas are great quality but the North American Made saunas will have higher quality heaters that penetrate deeper. For example, Therasauna uses Ceramic heaters that will penetrate deeper into your body, heating up your core temperature faster, and to a higher temperature, which will really get you sweating. The carbon heaters take longer for you to break a sweat, don't heat you up as fast, and will not provide you with a sauna session that is as beneficial to your health and wellness as a Ceramic sauna

Manufacturing Materials

Buying an infrared sauna is a hefty investment, which means you shouldn’t compromise its quality and visual aesthetics. Your infrared sauna should fit your style preferences perfectly. Consider choosing from high-quality wood options like spruce, cedar, plywood, and hemlock.

Pick neutral accents for your sauna benches. You can also personalize your infrared sauna doors to match your house’s accents. From all-glass saunas that beautifully capture natural light to wooden doors that offer increased privacy, you can choose from several options to make your at-home sauna dreams a reality.

The Sauna’s Size & Location

If you’re purchasing an at-home infrared sauna for a relatively small home, you may struggle with finding the perfect location for it. Fortunately, many sauna manufacturers build custom-cut saunas that fit into a small space without looking congested.

Two of the best locations to install an at-home sauna are your closet-space and a wide-open basement. Renovating these areas and placing a sauna here can help you achieve the at-home spa look you’re longing for. Consider choosing the underutilized house spaces for your infrared sauna installation.

an infrared sauna.

Accommodation Capacity

One of the most important considerations you must account for when selecting a sauna is the number of users. This is especially crucial if you plan to indulge in sauna baths with family members or a loved one. You’ll require a sauna with additional bench space if you plan to share it with someone.

Contemporary saunas today are available in various sizes to support up to 5 people. You can now purchase 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5-person saunas for your entire family to enjoy.

EMF Levels

The panels of an infrared sauna convert electricity to infrared light for thermal therapy. As a result, the panels emit body stressors such as electromagnetic fields. It’s always ideal to choose a sauna with low EMF levels to reduce the risk of extreme heat exposure or skin damage.

Thanks to low EMF saunas, you can keep EMF exposure to a minimum while enjoying the therapeutic health benefits of an infrared sauna.

a wooden sauna.


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