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A 5-person sauna installed for a relaxing sauna therapy session.

TheraSauna vs. Vital Health Saunas: See Which One Is Right For You

If you were thinking about buying a sauna for your home and you are contemplating between TheraSauna and Vital Health Sauna, we have created a list of their features and benefits. Read ahead for a complete comparison!


TheraSauna is an infrared therapy sauna innovator and has provided unmatched top-quality improved technology to the sauna industry. They have revolutionized spa therapy by introducing infrared light to sauna therapy, which would help in relieving pain and encouraging a healthier lifestyle.

Made in the USA

The reliability of TheraSauna lies upon the fact that they are fully made in the USA, with their head office based in Iowa. They have hired the best design and engineering team to ensure quality and rely on research and development to improve their product quality. They distribute infrared saunas globally, which has increased their credibility worldwide.

Use aspen wood

TheraSauna has a tree farm in Wisconsin, and they grow their own wood. As Cedar and redwood contain a natural insecticide, known as terpene, it can be harmful and can cause allergies among some people. Aspen wood is non-toxic and is more durable than other kinds of wood.

Vital Health Sauna

Vital Health Saunas was started by a retired Navy officer to cure his back pain and he has set some major industry standards with his attention to detail and cutting-edge technology.

Free lifetime warranty

Vital Health Saunas come with a lifetime warranty, which covers all the components even the cabinets, heaters and the control panel. The audio system attached inside the sauna also has a one-year warranty which makes it convenient for the customers.

Consistent A+ rating for over 12 years

Vital health saunas are accredited by the Better Business Bureau and have consistent reviews from satisfied customers who vouch for their quality. They also claim to maintain the highest standards in the industry and have achieved certifications and memberships from notable organizations.

Offer financial assistance

When people are unable to afford the stone, since it’s a great investment, Vital Health Sauna provides payment methods that are interest-free to help the buyers afford the monthly payments. They also provide equipment leasing and have partnered with PayPal and Brickhouse Capital

A 5-person sauna installed inside the house.

Get in touch to buy an infrared sauna from the top sauna companies. We can guide you regarding all the features and benefits of having a mid-infrared sauna kit. We have a top-tier sauna collection from various brands and you can choose an infrared sauna or a heater type according to your preference.

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