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A personal home infrared sauna.

Things You Don’t Have to Worry About in a Personal Sauna

Personal saunas are the epitome of luxury. The feeling of heading out to your backyard, spending time in your private relaxation spot, and continuing on with a self-care routine is unlike any other.

Infrared home saunas don’t just offer comfort and convenience, they also bring a myriad of health benefits that promote healing from the inside out.

While you may have been to the sauna after a day at the spa or regularly schedule sauna sessions after particularly exhausting weeks, nothing can compare to having a pre-built spa installed in your home.

Here are just some of the things you can wave goodbye to:

Membership fees

Frequent sauna users will know that having to travel to a gym or spa isn’t the only trouble of not having a home spa. It’s an expensive habit for people who want to indulge in relaxing sauna sessions more frequently, with membership fees and additional costs amounting to a lot.

Often, you have to spend far more at these gyms and spas just so you can gain access to the sauna. In the long run, this ends up costing a lot more than investing in a home infrared sauna would.


When you think of a public sauna, the first image that pops up in your head is probably of sweaty strangers. And you’re not wrong.

Being in the sauna is an incredibly relaxing and peaceful experience, but it can be marred by the presence of half-dressed strangers. Spending extended amounts of time in awkward silence with people you don’t know is the kind of discomfort that wouldn’t let you take in the entire experience.

Conversely, in personal saunas, you don’t have to worry about being stuck in a small room with strangers. Personal home saunas offer privacy like no other. If you really want to enjoy some alone time without your family members or friends, you can opt for a single or 2-person sauna.

People sharing a public sauna.

Time constraints

When you’re using a public sauna at a gym or spa, you can’t help but work according to their hours of operation. Your professional and personal schedules won’t be accounted for and you’ll often find yourself canceling appointments because of last-minute errands.

Personal saunas offer 24/7 access in the comfort of your home. Want to start your day with a 10-minute sauna session? Need to unwind after working out at night? Your personal sauna abides by your personal rules.

Excited about investing in your first full spectrum infrared home sauna? USA Health and Wellness offers various types of saunas that come in different shapes and sizes. Ranging from accommodating 2 people to 5, our outdoor saunas are our top-selling home saunas.

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