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Top Anti-Aging Tips That Can Turn Back Time

Experts say that we should start paying attention to anti-aging in our early twenties, but the fact is that we don’t give it much thought until we spot the first wrinkle. Biologically, a decrease in collagen and elastin production with age causes fine lines and sagging skin.

Some people age faster than others, especially if they spend more time in the sun, and don’t moisturize often. Your genetic make-up also influences how soon your skin starts aging. If you feel like you age faster, here are some proven anti-aging tips that can help you say ahead of the aging curve and turn back time!

Start Using Sunblock Religiously

The sun is a direct source of UV rays that accelerate skin-aging to give you wrinkles and fine lines. Make to slather on sunblock with SPF 30 or more whenever you leave home. It’s also important to apply sunscreen if you’re inside your home!

Eat More Greens

Green vegetables are rich in antioxidants and minerals that keep you healthy. Leafy greens like spinach, broccoli and kale can also combat brain aging.

Sweat It Out In The Sauna

Don’t just invest your time and money in any saunas because each sauna works differently. Infrared saunas are different from steam saunas and can help you get radiant skin.

They’re also considered more effective because infrared waves penetrate deeper into the skin. Moreover, with infrared lamps used in this kind of sauna, exposure is focused on the skin, and only 20% of the heat is distributed in the air.

Make sure you invest in aftercare when you’re done using the sauna. Your pores are open fresh out of the sauna, and the body has expelled most of the toxins. Take a cold shower to wash off the toxins and close the pores and slather on moisturizer. Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin.

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