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What Makes The TheraSauna TS3737 The Best 1 Person Infrared Sauna?

  • TSP3737 Is Perfect For:

Someone looking to be healthier

If you are like most of us, the last year or so has taught us a lot about health and wellness. We are all more conscious than ever to get healthier and make better decisions about our bodies.

Someone wanting a sauna with limited space available

The TheraSauna Persona TSP3737 only takes up 37" of width and 37" of depth which allows you to have your sauna virtually anywhere in your home or office!

Someone wanting to burn fat

Infrared saunas, especially with ceramic heaters, are proven to increase core body temperature. In doing so, our bodies are forced to cool itself down resulting in burned calories. One 30 minute sauna session can burn up to 500 calories!

Someone wanting a 1 person USA made sauna without breaking the bank

There are a lot of infrared sauna companies out there, but only 1 brand that is built 100% in the United States. Notoriously, USA made products carry a superior quality reputation. Getting a USA made sauna under $3k shouldn't be possible, but it is with the TheraSauna Persona!

Safety First

Low and Safe EMF Levels

If you've started researching infrared saunas, you've probably seen the term EMF (Electromagnetic Fields). EMF levels can be dangerous to the health and well being of individuals if proper mitigation techniques are not executed. In most chinese made infrared saunas, or cheap saunas you see online, EMF levels are very high. Sometimes upwards of 100-200 mg. According to health professionals, the healthy allowance of EMF exposure is anything under 6mg. Why buy an infrared sauna for health benefits when you are exposing yourself to harmful EMF levels? TheraSauna's USA made infrared saunas do things a little bit differently. Rather than using cheap imported carbon fiber heaters, TheraSauna opts for high glass ceramic heaters. These heaters are not only under the 6mg requirement, but even test below 1mg creating almost zero EMF all-together. There is a reason we recommend TheraSauna to thousands of customers over the years. Take a look at the video below to see some of our testing.

Unique Concave Full Ceramic Heating Elements

Not only are TheraSauna's heaters some of the lowest EMF tested in the industry, but they are engineered to actually be a sauna heater. Most companies use carbon fiber or infrared heat lamps to heat the sauna. Carbon fiber heaters were originally developed to heat floors in homes. They were not intended as a healing device, nor to be used in a sauna. Carbon panels are very thin and mild in heat, whereas ceramic heaters are intense and their infrared wavelengths penetrate deep into the body creating the detoxification and pain relief so sought after. Due to TheraSauna's Theramitters™ with their concave shape, the infrared wavelengths emit in a much wider, more concentrated body coverage. Take it from us! We've used both carbon fiber and ceramic. The difference is clear.

TheraSauna Persona TSP3737 1 Person Infrared Sauna
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  • FAR Infrared Indoor Sauna

  • Dimensions: 37" x 37" x 75"

  • Heaters: 6 Solid Ceramic TheraMitters

  • Door: Smoke Glass Door with TheraSauna® Logo

  • Electrical: Plugs into 120 Volt / 15 Amp Outlet

  • Door: Smoke Glass Door with TheraSauna® Logo

  • Watts: 1044 watts

  • Exterior & Interior: Stain-Free Natural Aspen Finish

  • Light: Interior Reading Light

  • System: Patented StableHeat System™

  • ETL & CE Approved

Note: FREE Shipping and No Sales Tax on your purchase!


Obviously buying a sauna for your home or business is a big decision. That is why we offer a risk free approach by honoring a full 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee on your sauna order. If your new sauna isn't exactly what you expected, you can return it, no questions asked.

The Difference Is In The Wood.

TheraSauna is the only company that does, well a lot of things. The only company that manufactures their saunas in the United States, the only company that uses patented full ceramic infrared emitters, and the only infrared sauna company that uses Natural Aspen Hardwood from Wisconsin to construct their saunas.

Aspen – No negative health effects.

Cedar – Asthma, allergic contact dermatitis sensitizer, decrease in lung function, eye irritation, conjunctivitis, rhinitis, convulsions, vomiting and effects on the central nervous system.

Hemlock – Skin irritation, decreased lung function, rhinitis.

Basswood – Skin irritation.

Birch – Irritant dermatitis.

Spruce – Skin irritation, wood pulp workers disease.

Oak – Nasal Cancer.

Pine – Skin Irritation.

Poplar – Contact dermatitis, rhinitis.


"My name is Jennifer and I purchased a TheraSauna from USA Health and Wellness back in March of 2021. The sauna was nothing short of incredible and I wish I made the decision sooner to buy one for my home. I struggle from Lyme Disease and the detoxification I receive from this sauna changed my life. I'd highly recommend.." - Jennifer from Texas, USA.

"I've been a sauna enthusiast for over 2 decades and have used every form of infrared therapy. TheraSauna by far uses the best heaters I have used. Their new model that I purchased is small, compact, and delivers a serious punch! I love this sauna and have a few friends I'll be sending your way" - Carl from Tennessee, USA.


  • What’s Unique About TheraSauna?

Build Quality

Every TheraSauna is handcrafted in DeWitt Iowa with every detail built to perfection. Unlike most imported saunas coming down a factory line, TheraSauna build quality is like no other!


Aside from having the lowest EMF and ELF levels in the sauna industry, TheraSauna is accredited with ETL and CE certificates for the utmost credibility. 

Made In USA

TheraSauna infrared saunas are built 100% in the United States. All materials are individually chosen, completely natural and non toxic. TheraSauna uses no glues or harsh chemicals throughout the entire manufacturing process.


Concave engineered ceramic TheraMitters, Stable Heat technology and more, highlight the number 1 recommend infrared sauna in the industry!

  • Real Reviews from Real People


It's actually got a lot of room inside it. I am supposed to sweat everyday, so this is why I needed a sauna. I am so glad I got the Aspen over the cedar. Good recommendation!


I needed a small sauna and although more space would be great, I couldn't fit a bigger one. This sauna heats up quick and I am a wash of sweat within about 3 minutes. I had a sauna in the past with carbon fiber heater and I can definitely feel the difference with ceramic, I am loving it. thanks.


It took me about 6 months to decide on a sauna and I'm very happy with the persona model I decided on. I don't buy anything from China and this is the only one I could find that was made in the US.

Patented StableHeat™ Technology

TheraSaunas® far-infrared is produced during the entire sauna session. When the sauna reaches temperature, the patented MPS Therasauna® Touchview™ 3.0 idles the TheraMitters™ down to surface temperature of under 230°F. The TheraMitters™ will return to 400°F and above when necessary, keeping a steady temperature and micron range. The far-infrared produced is still consistently reaching the optimal 9.4 micron range for human absorption due to the unique physical design of solid ceramic TheraMitters™, penetrating up to 2” below the skin. This creates an environment where the user receives more infrared in 20 minutes than they would during a 40 minute session in other brand saunas. Therasauna® produces zero cold spots when operating and does not vent plastics and carbon fibers into the sauna cabinet, unlike our competitors. Carbon saunas only reach the one surface temperature of approximately 230°F and turn off after reaching their set convection air temperature, losing air temperature and creating an ineffective range of infrared. The TheraSauna® Stable Heat™ System does not turn off, but powers down and sends a trickle charge of electricty to maintain the surface temperature of the TheraMitters™, thus consistently reaching the 9.4 micron range of far infrared.

The best example of how TheraSauna's® Stable Heat™ System works in relation to our competitors is to imagine a light switch. If the light switch is flipped on, the light in the room will turn on. The moment the switch is turned off, the light goes out and the room is dark. Infrared is a form of light, just like the visible light in the example, but on a different spectrum that is invisible to the naked eye. TheraSauna's® Stable Heat™ System remains on during the entire sauna session, meaning infrared is produced the entire sauna session, just like turning on the light with the light switch and leaving it on the whole time you are in the room. In a competitor's sauna, the infrared will be produced until the set temperature is reached. The moment the set temperature is reached, infrared immediately stops being produced, just like shutting off the light with the light switch. No more infrared is being produced, just like flipping the light switch to off turns off the light. So, it's much like sitting in a room with the lights on for 40 minutes, but you have to sit in the dark for half of the time. Our Stable Heat™ System prevents this from happening in TheraSauna®, giving the user a clear advantage in the amount of exposure to far infrared.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is TheraSauna really made in the USA?

TheraSauna in fact is the only infrared sauna company that manufactures their saunas 100% in the United States. TheraSauna owns their own tree farm in Wisconsin where they grow non toxic, untreated natural aspen hardwood. From there they ship their wood to their manufacturing facility in DeWitt Iowa where the sauna is built by hand from the most skilled carpenters around. Due to United States manufacturing, TheraSauna has proven themselves as the purest, most natural and healthy infrared sauna on the planet. 

Q: Is Aspen Hardwood good wood for a sauna?

Natural Aspen Hardwood is actually the only wood type that is 100% non toxic. Aspen Hardwood carries the the important anti-microbial/hypoallergenic characteristics that make the sauna wood self sterilizing. Aspen wood is the only wood type with zero reported negative health effects. Some other popular wood types in the industry like cedar, basswood, hemlock and more are not always bad woods to use, however reports of negative health effects have been reported. Aspen Hardwood is the purest, most organic and natural wood type used in the sauna industry. 

Q: What is better, carbon heaters or ceramic heaters?

Generally, carbon fiber heaters are more mild and relaxing than the more intense ceramic heaters. If you are purchasing a sauna for detoxification, pain relief, or other health benefits, ceramic is the best option. Aside from the superior intensity, ceramic heaters have a much longer lifespan making it rare to have to ever replace an infrared heater during the life of your sauna. Carbon fiber heaters often lose about 5% emissivity year over year.

Q: Are TheraSauna saunas low in EMF?

This is one of the most important questions we receive in the sauna space. EMF stands for Electromagnetic Fields. These fields need to be mitigated to extreme measures to insure the health and safety of the sauna user. TheraSauna's average EMF levels are under 3mg directly on the heater and less than 1mg when the mg meter is moved 1 inch away from the heater where the user will be sitting. Health professionals call the "healthy EMF emission levels" to be below 6mg on average leaving TheraSauna, the only USA made sauna to be one of the safest infrared saunas on the market. 

Q: What is the lead time on a TheraSauna right now?

Unlike most sauna suppliers right now, TheraSauna currently holds very short turnaround time for delivery. Since saunas are manufactured in Iowa, they do not need to import containers of saunas across the ocean from China like the majority of other sauna companies. Every TheraSauna is handcrafted and made to order. Once the order is submitted, your sauna is built specifically for you and you only! Currently lead time is 3-4 weeks from order date. 

Okay, but is the TheraSauna TS3737 right for me?

Q: This sauna seems great, but why are their cheaper options?

Sure! There are cheaper options for any product in any industry. The infrared sauna industry is a prime example of "you get what you pay for". Being American Made comes with a lot of perks, not just in quality, but in performance. We, USA Health and Wellness, carry a lot of different saunas from a lot of different brands. It is safe to say we've seen it all. TheraSauna has thicker cabinet walls, and thicker glass which means you maintain the heat with incredible insulation. We have customers that buy cheap imported saunas for $1,000 all the time, and then wonder why it isn't as nice as they expected. TheraSauna craftsmanship and design is bar none, as well as SAFE to use with low EMF solid ceramic heaters. It just depends on the person and what is important! All we can tell you, is there is a night and day difference in quality, and our customers agree.

Q: I want a sauna quick, are wait times still long?

It is safe to say the Covid 19 pandemic took its toll in more ways than one. From manufacturing, supply chain, and logistics, there has been challenges. Since TheraSauna is made in Iowa and not imported into the United States from foreign countries, the lead time is smooth and quicker than anything else currently. From the day you purchase, you are currently looking at between 3-4 weeks on your new sauna being delivered to your front door. Additionally, if you ever need replacement parts, service, or support, we don't have to order parts from other countries. We can quickly have you taken care of in no time at all. 

Q: What do I expect after placing my order?

Once your order is placed, you instantly receive your confirmation of purchase and receipt straight to the email address you provided. From there your new TheraSauna TS3737 goes into manufacturing as every sauna from TheraSauna is handcrafted and made to order. Once your sauna ships we send the tracking information straight to your email address where you can happily watch transit occur in real time. Once the sauna is in your city at your local shipping hub, the freight company will call you to coordinate a delivery day at time with you. And just like that you're reaping the health benefits you ordered!

Q: What if I'm not satisfied with my new sauna?

We are so confident you will be happy with your new TS3737 that we offer a "no questions asked" money back guarantee. We'll even coordinate pickup of your sauna from your home if it isn't exactly what you expected. That is our promise to you.

Q: Who do I contact if I have questions or concerns after I purchase my new sauna?

You contact us of course! Call us directly with any questions or concerns you may have! We are not number 1 in customer service for no reason! 

Why Buy From USA Health and Wellness?

  • The largest, most trusted sauna distributor in North America!

    We are a proud partner of 14 of the top spa manufacturers in the industry. We only recommend saunas we would use ourselves!

  • 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee

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