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A fully-adjustable, quality swim current for any pool

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re 100% confident about our product that we’ll give you a FULL REFUND if it isn't exactly what you expected.

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Fastlane® by Endless Pools®

In a traditional backyard pool, swimming means just a few strokes before a flip turn. The Fastlane Pro system delivers it's signature adjustable current for the best in-place swimming experience.

compatable with almost any pool

Health Futures With Fastlane

Whether you are training to be the next Olympic butterfly champion or are simply swimming for the sheer joy of it - a FastLane helps you shape your future. You decide where you want to go. We provide the current to get you there.

Improve Skill and Fun

You'll enjoy a better, more invigorating swim rhythm. The Fastlane Pro current is also perfect for water running, aqua-aerobics, and a 'lazy river' the kids will love!

Distraction Free

Eliminate flip-turns and other distractions. Concentrate on the quality and fluency with a constant swim current.

Perfect your skill

Utilize the optional on-deck swim pace display, you can quickly and precisely analyze your technique. 

Rich History

Swim coaches, physical therapists and professional athletes have been recommending the FastLane Pro current machine since 1988.

Money-Back Guarantee

We’re 100% confident about our product that we’ll give you a FULL REFUND if it isn't exactly as advertised.

Order now with complete confidence and if it’s not for you, just send the product back, and we’ll give you your money back.

The Fastlane® Pro  Swim Current Machine

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What our customer say about the Fastlane Pro

What our customer say about this product



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Invigorate your backyard pool with Endless Pools' signature current.

Transform your traditional pool with the Endless Pools Fastlane Pro. It delivers a fully adjustable current for swimming, fun, and fitness.

For swimming, the Fastlane Pro current adjusts for all levels, from toddlers to competitive adults. At top speed, the Fastlane Pro current is powerful enough for a pool-wide 'lazy river.'



Have a traditional pool already? No problem! The Deck-Mount Fastlane Pro model easily attaches to almost any existing inground or above ground pool deck. With fast installation, you can reinvigorate your backyard pool in just a few hours!

Wall-Mount Fastlane® Pro



For a seamless appearance, your pool builder can embed the Wall-Mount Fastlane Pro model directly into your pool wall. New pool builds give you the most attractive and versatile installation options.

Wall-Mount Fastlane® Pro


The Fastlane Pro has two parts: the Current Unit (available in Sapphire or Platinum) that mounts poolside, and a rugged, 5-horsepower Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) remotely located with your other pool equipment. These components are connected by two hydraulic hoses. The HPU pumps biodegradable, vegetable-based hydraulic fluid to the Current Unit. The fluid turns our custom-designed 16" propeller, which draws water into an innovative system of grills to smooth the current. This is the same current-generator system used in the Original Endless Pool.

The Fastlane Pro can be installed in virtually any in-ground concrete, gunite, masonry, vinyl-lined, or fiberglass pool, and in many above-ground pools as well. It can be placed in water as shallow as 39". Generally speaking, if the pool is deep enough for swimming, it's deep enough for a Fastlane Pro. Learning to use your Fastlane Pro takes only seconds.

The Wall-Mount Fastlane Pro can be integrated into new pools for a seamless appearance. For existing pools, the Deck-Mount Fastlane Pro attaches quickly with a low profile. On either model, the convenient grab bar makes the Fastlane Pro suitable for use with our Hydrostride™ underwater treadmill.


Fastlane Pro Specifications:

Compatible with in-ground and above-ground swimming pools 
Top Speed: 1:08/100 yards
Electrical Requirements: 220v, 30 amp dedicated GFCI circuit
5 hp Hydraulic Power Unit (remotely located)
Propeller-generated current
Platinum or Sapphire finishes
Remote or App speed adjustment
Endless Pools Fit@Home compatibility
Wall or deck mount installation
Space Requirements
Minimum Clearance 2-3 feet on at least 2 sides, depending on your installation
Made in the USA 

intertek NSF