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TheraSauna Classic TC5959 3 Person Infrared Sauna

by persona
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This Product has been Discontinued 

Luxury. Class. Elegance.


  Combining Technology      
                        with Affordability.


*Next Size Up From TheraSauna Classic 4842 


You may be wondering what the difference is between the original TheraSauna® line and the TheraSauna Classic.


One of the only differences is wood type. Both the TheraSauna Classic series, and the original TheraSauna® series are made from Natural, non- toxic, non- fermented woods. But TheraSauna® is made with Aspen Hardwood from their tree farm in Wisconsin, USA. Making the TheraSauna® the only legitimate USA manufactured sauna on the market. TheraSauna Classic is made of a Natural Hemlock. The Natural Hemlock is still completely non-toxic and very high grade.


Elegant, Natural Wood Finish

This sauna has a beautiful finish that looks divine in any room of your home.


Exclusive Patents–


Patented StableHeat™ 

What is the most important feature to have in your sauna? The answer is Therasauna's Patented StableHeat™. StableHeat™ consistently produces far infrared, even after the sauna has reached its desired temperature to maximize efficiency, and health benefits. This unique technology is like no other. Once every other sauna reaches the desired temperature, it will stop producing the gold standard of sauna health benefits, far infrared heat. 


Patented Stable Heat allows the TheraSauna Classic to consistently reach the desired 9.4 micron level.


Solid Ceramic TheraMitters™

Throughout your sauna research you have been constantly reading that X heater has the lowest EMF level. This heater actually does have the lowest EMF levels and here’s why:


The wires in ceramic heaters are constantly changing direction of the face of the heater. So, the EMF does not directly impact you. Every other type of heater has wires that are in a fixed position. This makes the EMF directly hit your body. Consider a telephone pole Ever noticed their wires are wrapped around each other? They are built this way to reduce EMF. Additionally, The TheraSauna® and TheraSauna Classic BOTH have a BUILT-IN back rest. The farther you are to the source, the less EMF. The back rest separates your body 4 inches away from the TheraMitters™. Most saunas do not have a built- in back rest. So the users back sits directly on the heater. This would deliver the highest amount of EMF directly to your back.


Solid Ceramic TheraMitters™ are 96% efficient heaters that deliver between 6-14 microns of far infrared energy and can be set to temperatures between 126°F-450°F. Ceramic Heaters provide you with infrared therapy, for the whole session! They also heat your sauna in a fraction of the time of any other heater type on the market!


Only the best Far Infrared therapy comes from TheraMitters™.


TheraSauna Classic 5959 Features:

  • 3 Person Corner Unit
  • Made of High Grade Natural Hemlock, which is non-toxic and non-allergenic
  • Patented Stable Heat
  • Patented TheraMitters
  • Ergonomic, Contoured Backrest
  • Smoke Glass Door with Two Side Windows
  • Very low levels of EMF
  • Bolt Together Design
  • 5" Overhang With 2 External Lights
  • Ambient Sound Therapy
  • 7 Color Chromotherapy Light
  • Interior Reading Light
  • Roof Vent
  • FM Radio/CD/MP3 Auxiliary With Speakers Built-In


    • Dimensions: 59" x 59" x 75.5" H
    • Country of Manufacture: China
    • Manufacturer: TheraSauna
    • Electrical: Plugs into 120 Volt / 20 Amp Outlet
    • Watts: 2016 watts
    • Exterior: Beautiful Natural Hemlock Finish
    • Interior: Tongue & Groove Interior
    • Light: Elegant, Dimmable Sconce Light, 60 Watt Bulb
    • Vent: Ceiling Vent
    • Meets/Exceeds ETL and CE safety requirements in USA, Canada, and Europe
    • Wood: Non-toxic Natural Hemlock
    • Heaters: 12 Solid Ceramic TheraMitters
    • Backrest: Ergonomic, Contoured Backrest
    • Door: Smoke Glass Door with Two Front Windows
    • EMF: Very low levels of EMF


    • Lifetime Warranty


      The TheraSauna Classic is always one of our best sellers. Coupling high quality, with a low price point. TheraSauna Classic is a wonderful choice.

      TheraSauna Classic

      So much more.

                    For so much less.