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Get the best of both worlds, at a very reasonable price, from the Full Spectrum Sauna! It combines the infrared frequencies (NEAR, MID & FAR) and maximizes your health, healing & wellness benefits! 

Only FULL SPECTRUM saunas can deliver all these beneficial wavelengths! This is high quality full spectrum with wider array of benefits included in one unit! And best of all, Vital Health's heaters are covered by lifetime warranty!



* 100% Lifetime Guarantee
* 72" Wide by 50" Deep by 80" High (plus 6" overhang at top)
* Cost to run - about $10.00 per month (1 hour per day use)
* 11 Vital Rays Gen IV Low EMF Far Infrared Heaters
* 1 Vital Rays VR1 300W Full Spectrum Glass Heater
* Hemlock (Premier) wood goes through rigorous 5-step safety process and 90 day distillation process. 100% natural with absolutely no off-gassing or hazardous chemicals.
* Thick cabinet, and high walls, built tough for quality and longevity. This increases insulation of infrared heat.
* Built-in Power Station with (2) 120 Volt Receptacles and (2) USB Charging Ports
* Advanced Multimedia with AM/FM stations, Bluetooth, Flash-drive, SD Card and MP3.
* Built- in O3 Ionizer With Aromatherapy - Neutralizes odors for a pleasant smell and helps kill virus, fungus and bacteria.
* Built-in Chromotherapy - 7 color light therapy.
* Magnetic Flux Therapy - bipolar magnets built into the bench, floorboard and backrest.



The Near infrared wavelength is most beneficial in cellular health, cellular immunity, wound healing, skin purification, pain relief, and better blood flow.

The Mid infrared wavelength is most commonly associated with pain relief, improved circulation, and weight loss.

The Far infrared wavelength is associated with weight loss, detoxification, blood pressure reduction, better blood flow, relaxation, pain relief, cardiovascular health, skin purification/beautification, body flexibility, rejuvenation, blood circulation, and even cancer therapy. Far infrared penetrates deep into your skin, muscle tissue, and even your organs -- giving your body a full-range of health, healing & wellness benefits!

Advantages of Far Infrared Carbon Heaters

* Even Heat Distribution
Carbon heaters are composed of thin carbon plates and have an even heat distribution area.
* Infrared Rays
Carbon heaters emit rays that are closer to the Vital Rays range which is most beneficial for health and healing.
* Lower Surface Temperature
Definitely safer than ever. A person can withstand longer therapy sessions.
* Lower Energy Cost
Carbon heaters are highly energy-efficient and can save from 30% – 50% in energy costs.
* Faster Warm-Up Time and More Heat Coverage
Carbon heaters provide a fast warm up time of 5-15 minutes. Also, carbon heaters provide up to 400% more heat coverage than conventional ceramic heater saunas.
* Deep Tissue Penetration
Infrared heat penetrates deeper into the skin tissue with Carbon heaters than with Ceramic heaters.

Vital Health saunas are the perfect combination of quality and price. Over the course of their business they have kept affordability in check while still offering an extremely high quality infrared sauna.

Additional health benefits include help with Carpal Tunnel, Diabetes, Scoliosis, Lower Cholesterol, Fibromyalgia, Better Sleep, Sciatica, calming of the nervous system, and much more!